Valentine’s Day in Paris

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ParisIf you like travelling and your girlfriend/boyfriend likes it too, in stead of a bunch of flowers and a nice card, Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to flight somewhere and spend a romantic weekend with your partner. And what could be more romantic than Paris?

Paris has always been known as “the city of love”. Nobody knows exactly what it is but we all agree on the fact that Paris has “that something”. The small streets, a walk by the Seine, the Tuileries Gardens… everything will seem perfect for the lover’s eyes. From having a dinner for two in a cruise through the Seine, with some romantic music and the views of the wonderful Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, to hiring a bike and going around the city on two wheels, plans for each and every pocket and all different tastes.

However, if this is not the plan for you, it is maybe a bit too sentimental or you don’t have a couple to share this with, wait for the next few posts on Blogtelopia. We will give you other ideas on how to celebrate the day of love, even if you are single!

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