Travel Insurance: now we take it into account

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The volcanic eruption in Iceland was almost four months ago, however it has changed some of the british consumer’s minds as we now pay more attention to travel insurance and what it covers. The ash cloud caused a chaos all over Europe and we do not want it to be repeated: some had to travel by car, some others had to take ferries or the train back home. This situation has changed people’s mind and although most of us still prefer to go for the cheap option, a percentage of Brits say now that they prefer paying more and having everything covered.

In the same line, most holidaymakers hope travel insurance will cover them if they fall ill abroad. It is a very good idea to check before leaving what is covered and what is not so there are no surprises back home.

Thursday 29 July 2010 11:17 | Published by | Categoriy: Interesting Stuff,Travel News

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