The Hague

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The Hague is an amazing versatile city. It is known to have an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. It is the seat of the Dutch Parliament and the city of residence of Queen Beatrix and houses the rich historical past of the Dutch Royal family. It is the only Dutch city where it is possible to stroll along the beach within 10 minutes of the city centre. The Hague is reputable for its antique galleries, fresh seafood dishes an its picturesque green open spaces.

Royal landmarks
The 18th century classic and baroque styles and grand stately mansions on ‘Lange Voorhout’ are unique to The Hague. The Lange Voorhout palace was bought by Prince Hendrik, son of King William I in 1845 and is now open to the public. The Escher museum housed in Lange Voorhout Palace is also open to the public. The Noordeinde Palace is owned by Holland’s royal family, and although visitors are not permitted to enter this Dutch landmark, they can stroll around the formal palace gardens which are referred to as the ‘Paleistuin’. One of the most beautiful green open spaces has to be the ‘Hofvijver’ (Court Pond) lake located in front of the government complex the ‘Binnenhof’. Mauritshuis, next to the Binnenhof, is housed in a 17th-century palace overlooking the lake, the Royal Picture Gallery contains the former collection of William the V.

The ‘Lange Voorhout’ is lined with trees and the finest residences. This is a charming neighbourhood. In  De Posthoorn café opposite the market, locals meet for a ‘borrel’ (drinks). The Denneweg and Frederikstraat are located just around the corner and form the main antiques artery in town.
The Shopping districts in The Hague are based around the city centre and include ‘De Passage’, a popular gallery dating back to the early 1880s. In The Hague you will find everything from haute couture brands to high street fashion labels. It’s worth stopping for a relaxing afternoon tea break at the famous ‘Hotel Des Indes’, which is a haven of luxury in the city centre.  Hotel Des Indes has accommodated many Kings, Emperors, state citizens, artists, scientists and former Indies. It has a long tradition of tea drinking in the afternoon; High Tea at Des Indes has become world famous over the years.

City by the sea
Scheveningen is only a 10 minute tram ride away from the centre of The Hague. Scheveningen is a modern beach with a pier and lighthouse. North of the harbour you can find beach bars with heated terraces, restaurants, the pier and the boulevard. You can simply take your time and stroll along the boulevard and the more adventurous can climb the Scheveningen lighthouse and enjoy the view over the beach. The picturesque seaside village attracted many Dutch artists and in a purposed built museum in The Hague, you will find the famous Panorama Mesdag painted in the 19th century by Hendrik Mesdag, creating the illusion that you really are back in 1881.

Evening Dining
Firstly, no evening in The Hague begins without a glass of wine in an exclusive wine bar.
‘Taste’ a popular wine bar, is housed in one of the most beautiful locations, across from the Hofvijver (Court Pond) on Tournooiveld 1.
The ever-expanding gastronomic scene in The Hague is based around the city centre. In The Hague most restaurants combine an informal atmosphere with high-quality cuisine. From Indonesian to Dutch, Japanese to Italian you are sure to find a restaurant that caters to your tastes and of course with the nearby seaside resort, seafood is a definite speciality. There are some excellent seafood restaurants serving fresh seafood dishes. If you want to truly emerge yourself with the locals then you should try eating raw fish haring.  Many restaurants are located at the harbour in Scheveningen, where during the day you can spend time wandering around the Fish market.  The Hague’s other speciality is first class Indonesian cuisine. Some Indonesian restaurants will have a small intimate feeling whilst others will have a very colonial-style with waiters in traditional costumes.

Parks and attractions
‘Westbroekpark’ is an English-style park from the 1920s. Renowned for its rose garden, with 20,000 different varieties blooming from June until November. ‘Haagse Bos’ is  the oldest forested area in the country and is situated inside the city of The Hague. The Dutch palace is in the forest and although you cannot visit the palace, you can  enjoy this peaceful park, a place of relaxation.  Madurodam in The Hague is a park that resembles Holland in miniature size with typical and famous Dutch scenery. It’s an excellent place to take the whole family. (Due to renovation, Madurodam is closed from 1 November 2011 until 1 April 2012)

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