The Mont Saint Michel


The Mont Sant Michel is one of the wonders of the western world. This hill situated in Normandie is one of the most beautiful places to be visited in France. The hill forms a tower in the heart of an immense bay invaded by the highest tides in Europe.

It is said that at the request of Archangel Michel, the Bishop of Avranches built a church on the rock and some centuries after the Bennedictines settled a community. It has been one of the most important pilgrimage places in Europe (with Rome and Santiago de Compostela)

A beautiful medieval town that has been kept throught the ages and can only be visited depending on the tides, because when the tide goes up, the hill becomes and island, and only when it’s down it is linked to solid earth.

UNESCO has classed the Mont Saint-Michel as a world heritage in 1979 and it welcomes more than three million visitors a year. A marvellous place that not everyone knows about, so when hello becomes salut don’t forget to visit the fantastic abbey, the museums and the parish church.

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City Break


Spring is always a good time for a city break. Cities have open spaces for enjoying the sunshine if it is good weather and world-class indorr attractions in case of rainy days.

Capitals in the South, such as Madrid, Rome or Lisbon are, in this time of the year, the perfect temperature, if you wait too long it may be too hot, but now it’s the time for terraces and beers in the sunshine and walking and sightseeing as much as possible. If you prefer going further north, Berlin is a perfect mix of historical and modern architecture and Amsterdam is now not as cold, so the perfect time to hire a bike and cycle by the canals.

These are just some possibilities, capitals around Europe are only a few hours apart, so get your ticket and get visiting!

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Remember your trips


For us travellers, its not always easy to remember every place we have been to. We’ve discovered a good idea not to forget one of the destinations we have visited; it is easy, fun and the perfect way to have it all in one.

Materials:  A World Map and a box of coloured pins. It is very simple, all you need to do is pin one in every city or place you have already seen. You can use your own code of colours. For example: different colours depending on how much you liked a place, or depending on when you went (every year a colour). Another option is to mark those places that you want to visit, even if you have not been there yet.

You can also creat a digital version painting a white map in colours or with the web page TargetMap that we talked about last week.

You will never forget the trip again!

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A cheap way to go visiting


Visiting a city can be a lot cheaper than you think. There is a company that does tours in the main cities in Europe and around the world for free. The guided tours last around two hours and take you around the city to see the most important monuments in it, they also tell a lot of funny stories and history of the city. Very complete and a healthy way to discover the place.

At the end of the tour, every tourist pays what they think the tour is worth…it works with tips so you decide! If you want to know where they are and what they offer, don’t hesitate to visit their webpage!

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TOLEDO, a day trip from Madrid


If spending more than a weekend in Madrid, Toledo is a must. Situated just half an hour from Madrid (by train), the country’s original ancient capital is overflowing with historical monuments, streets and culture. Surrounded by walls dating from the Roman occupation with Moorish and early Christian additions, Toledo is a deserved World Heritage Site.

After entering Toledo by one of its three impressive gates, one can walk their way through the labyrinth of medieval streets, taking in the Cathedral Primada Santa María, the Jewish Synagogue del Tránsito and the Islamic Mosque de Cristo de la Luz.

A trip to the top of Iglesia de los Jesuitas is an excellent way to observe your impressive surroundings, sometimes not obvious from the close patchwork of streets in the old town.

Visitors shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see El Greco’s masterpiece “El entierro del Conde Orgaz” in the Iglesia de Santo Tomé, which was conceived in Toledo. El Greco spent his adult life in Toledo perfecting his style, may be with inspiration stemming from his beautiful surrounding.

Spending the night in Toledo and walking its lantern lit streets is also a perfect way to experience Spain’s ancient capital and comes highly recommended.

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Pope’s visit… where will he be?


Whether you are atheist, catholic or protestant we are sure that you’ve heard the news: the Pope is in Britain and as a traveller’s blog, Blogtelopia will tell you all about his trip. He is going to be in England for four days and will leave England on Sunday.

Princess St., One of the places where the Pope has been today

Today the Pope was in Edinburgh, the Queen of England welcomed him to England in her official residence in Scotland, the Palace of Hollyrood.

He will  then travel to visit Archbishop’s House in Glasgow. On Friday and Saturday he will visit Westminster Cathedral and some other places in London. Finally on Sunday he will be in Birmingham. A good tour around the British Island, sadly he will not have time to visit the touristic parts of the city as we travellers do.

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Clarence House gardens open to public


Clarence House, the official residence of the Prince of Wales, will open its gardens to the public in September. It will be a 12-day garden party starting on the 8th as part of a programme to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. There will be a great number of activities to enjoy while visiting: displays, exhibitions, live performances from well-known comedians, musicians and speakers. Visitors will also be able to learn how to cook in an enviromental friendly way.

This is a rare opportunity to visit this historic gardens, so dont miss it! Book your hotel for London during that time of the year, summer but with less tourist and this one could be another reason to go!

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A different way of traveling: with your ears


The National Trust is famous for taking care of some of the nation’s most visually stunning locations: castles, gardens, swathes of coast and countryside… all synonyms of tranquillity.

Now, it has realeased a music album, something completely different with which you will be able to hear the sounds of places. Does it sound interesting? Keep reading…

This new album ‘Holidays for the ears’ gathers together the very sounds of  eleven of these special places across England, Wales and the North of Ireland. A great way of enjoying these places, just with the sounds- to hear them for real, you will still have to visit!

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Glasgow: Scotland with Style


Glasgow MuseumGlasgow is the biggest city in Scotland, and the third one in the UK. There are many reasons why you should visit and we will give you some of them today:

First of all it is a city full of live: nights out are a must, concerts, musicals, exhibitions… there is always something going on for every taste!

Without a doubt shopping can be another reason, specially for girls. The best brands and companies around the world sell in what is known to be the largest and best retail centre in the UK outside of London.

Moreover you should not forget to visit one of its well-known tea rooms. We recommend The Willow Tea Rooms, good tea and good interior design in one place. There, you can also get a taste of the famous architect and designer Mackintosh who was a Glaswegian and one of the principal exponents of Art Nouveau.

If you want to go deeper into Mackintosh art as well as seeing some Dali paintings and other artists works you should also visit the Kelvingrove Museum, impressive building and a nice permanent exhibition.

A weekend in Glasgow is what you were looking for, a bit of everything and all in one! Book your hotel in Glasgow in Hotelopia.

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Easter Holidays


easter eggIt’s only a few more days for Easter Holidays. Have you decided what to do? If you haven’t don’t worry, Hotelopia has everything you need. Whether you were thinking of enjoying the last days of the snow season or you prefer somewhere hot and sunny, there is still time to decide.

Choose your preference, choose your destination and then just enter our webpage Hotelopia.com and make a reservation among a variety of options. Don’t wait no more!

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