Malaga´s Feria


Malaga smells of Feria. The Feria is one of the most important festivals of the year in this city. It will be held between the 13th and the 20th of August and it will have “casetas”, music and live concerts.

This feria is different to others because daytime and nighttime have different ambiences and the parties are held in different places. During the day, the feria takes place in the city centre, but when the night comes it is the “recinto ferial”, where the party goes on until late.

Tickets to fly to Malaga are always cheap and you can get the best hotel offers in Hotelopia, so get your party mode on, take sunglasses and a pair of shorts because Malaga is the perfect mixture of the summer: beach and party!

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Asturias Summer


Asturias is a Principality and an Autonomous Community in Spain. It is situated on the north coast, on the Cantabrian Sea. The capital city of Asturias is Oviedo. Oviedo is worth a visit; however if you are planning to visit this place in summer, don’t forget to check out what festivals are on, as there is always a party going on in Asturias in summer. We would like to point out some of them:

- El Carmín de la Pola (Pola de Siero):  It is celebrated on the month of July, just alter the celebration of Nuestra Señora del Carmen (16th July). People gather around in a big garden “prao”, as asturians call it, they talk, eat good food and drink homemade cider. After people go down to the streets to ask for water, and locals throught it from their houses.

- El Descenso del Sella ( The International Descent of the River Sella). This is the most known festivity in Asturias. In 2011 it is celebrate on the 6th August and it consists of a race of canoes down the river, from Arriendas to Ribadesellas. After the competition there is a celebration with good drinks and party.

There are many others, religious and not religious parties so don’t forget that summer is one of the best moments to visit the beautiful city of Oviedo, Gijon and all the towns around it! Book your hotel in Hotelopia and do not miss a thing!

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Millionaires Summer Party


Marbella is the place to be when it comes to summer parties in Spain. Night clubs by the beach and a little bit more expensive than usual, but who cares when you are rich?

If you really want to feel like a millionaire, you shouldn’t miss the millionaires’ annual white summer party. This is one of the Marbella summer’s musts and if you happen to be around this part of the world, it is a great opportunity to hang around with the upper class. The event is sponsored by jeweler Chopard and it will be held on the 30th july in the Finca La Concepción, a mansion house.

It will be themed as An evening from Las Vegas Live and it includes Champagne reception and canapés as well as an entertainment of a big and orchestra, showgirls and a Sinatra sound-a-like, among others. The party will continue in the after party, which is also included.

Entrance to the bash is affordable, even for not millionaire people! The celebration of your life for only 120€! And find a hotel nearby with Hotelopia.

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Roma Vintage


Do you to be transported back to the good old days?  In Rome, there is an annual celebration for those who want to relive the Italy of the seventies, eighties and nineties. It is called Roma Vintage. This year it will take place between the 11th of June and the 15th of August; so there’s still plenty of time if you are feeling tempted by the idea.

If you are the nostalgic kind, then this vintage festival will be right up your street. It is set in St. Sebastian Park (Parco di San Sebastiano) and the organized activities include dance, theatre, cinema sports, meetings and markets. You can choose to go shopping for vintage items in one of the markets, see stylish cars and watch cult film screening. Other options are live music concerts and dance.

The festival has an area for children and it is free! So, put on your Ray Bans, take your mini cooper and enjoy the pleasure of going back in time to the best decades of your life!

Check your hotels in Rome with Hotelopia.

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Rome in summer


Rome is the perfect destination to go anytime of the year. Summer is one of the best because although it is a bit hot during the day time, you can always refresh yourself inside one of the hundreds of churches and palaces all around the city. Temples such as Santa Maria de Trastevere and Il Jesu invite you to think with their silence and freshness.

If you have seen all the beautiful buildings in the city, you can still cool down by dipping your feet in the water of one of the fantastic fountains that are scattered around in every square. We recommend that you visit the famous Fontana di Trevi very early in the morning so you can see the sculptures with calm.  Less famous, but with the all the charms of Rome is the Fontana di Tartaruge, beauty in simplicity.

Nights in the Italian capital can be enjoyed in summer more than in any other season: terraces where you will be able to eat delicious homemade pasta or pizza or have a drink after a tiring touristic day with a lovely roman ambiance. Book your hotel in Rome now with the best prices in Hotelopia!

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Sevilla in summer


It is said that summer is not the best time of the year to visit Seville: sevillians leave the city and it is very hot (up to more tan 40º C degrees in the shadow). Althought that may be true there are some reasons why visiting Sevilla can also be good.

  1. Less queues! There are less tourists in summer than there are in autumn and spring so therefore there are less probabilities of having to wait queues to enter the Giralda or the torre del oro (Golden Tower).
  2. Velá de Santa Ana : From the 21st to the 28th of July, Triana celebrates a party for Saint Anne, a religious celebration that is now a big party in the middle of the summer: chats with friends, activities, good food and an religious offer to the Virgin in Santa Ana’s Church. A fantastic time to get to know a bit more about people from the other part of the river and to enjoy the fantastic views of the city from the calle Betis.
  3. Alcazar Nights (Noches de Alcazar): The Real Alcazar is one of the places you can’t miss when visiting the city. In summer, there are concerts in the gardens in which the beaty of the stage surrounds the sounds of jazz, pop, flamenco or classical music.

So it is not all bad news, Sevilla is hot in summer, that is true but there are a lot of things to do in this city that would make your visit different from the rest, enjoy the hot summer nights in Sevilla!

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Happy Summer!


Today is the first day of the summer. That means more probability of having sunny days and what is more important: holidays! In the northern hemisphere today is the longest day of the year and this day has been celebrated since the ancient times. It is the summer solstice.

The pagans celebrated this day with fire, to symbolize the power of the sun. The tradition was to dance and jump around the fire to purify souls. Nowadays, there are still celebrations of these days, normally Christianized as Saint John celebration on the night of the 23rd of June. We will talk about that tomorrow.

Today we just want to wish you a very happy summer and we hope you enjoy it in the best hotels!

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A special PICNIC


Summer days have finally arrived and when it’s sunny, we all have the need to enjoy the good temperatures, the light and the nature. Here is our idea: whether in a park, in the garden, in the beach or in the forest, organizing a PICNIC is a great idea to enjoy the good weather with family, friends or your partner. You can either sor it out in the city or plan a weekend trip and do it where you go.

If you have time, you will be able to prepare baskets, sandwiches and drinks as for it to be a delicious homemade lunch. However, we realise that  we are all so busy and wrapped up in our daily lives, that sometimes our best made plans turn out to be nothing more than a stale baguette and yesterday’s cheese. Our recommendation: someone can do it for you!

We are not lying, in the last few years there has been an increase in companies in this sector all over the world. Different menus for different occasions: romantic, party… and different services, some companies bring the food to wherever you are; some only prepare the baskets with everything you need. A different way of celebrating a special occasion.

Some companies:

Amsterdam, Holland: www.butlerforhire.nl

Cape town, South Africa: http://www.picnics.co.za/home/

Denver, USA: http://denverspicniccompany.com/

Bath, UK: http://www.bathpicnic.co.uk/

Sydney, Australia: http://sydneypicnic.com.au/

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Alpe d’Huez

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As summer approaches most of us will be looking forward to kicking it back on a nice quite beach, possibly  with the family, lazily sunning ourselves and letting the worries of real life wash away. If however this idea sounds utterly boring then Hotelopia will let you in on a little secret.

While the masses of Europe head for southern Spain, Italy and France we would like to take you to an action packed week in the French Alps. Many people are oblivious to the abundance of activates the Alps has to offer in summer, and if you know where to look you can find a whole host of outdoor activities ready and waiting under the summer sun.

Take the cycling Mecca of Alpe d’Huez for a prime example, in summer this skiing refuge transforms itself into an adventure sports heaven. The 21 hairpin bends leading up to this resort have led to some of the greatest moments in cycling’s history. If you feel up to the challenge hire a timer from the bottom of the mountain, get on your bike and see how your efforts fares against cycling’s best. If you prefer something a little more dirty, then you’ll be pleased to know the vast majority of ski lifts stay open in the summer months enabling you to throw your mountain bike onboard and head off to some of the Alps most challenging downhill runs.

Paragliding is another option if you have no fear of heights, and looking down on a summer alpine setting is a breathtaking and highly recommended activity.

If this all sounds a little too much then Alpe d’Huez still has something for you. The valley has 143 miles of beautiful, marked hiking trails and 12 lakes within walking distance from the resort, so you’re easily able to cool off after a hard day.

Just this one small mountain has so much to offer, so with a little time spent looking you are guaranteed to find an activity to your liking in the Alps. The mountains, meadows, lakes and scenery in this summer paradise deserve your time; and we can guarantee that once you’ve been you will forget all about that bucket and spade and be back for some more.

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A great plan for Summer: T in the park


Music festivals are a great way to enjoy a few days with friends in summer. This year, T in the Park has a great bill, including Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys (confirmed today) and the Foo Fighters. The event will be held on the weekend of July 8th to 10th in Balado, Kinross-shire. It also includes Pulp, Manic Street Preachers and Tinie Tempah.

If you are interested in going, a new batch of tickets will be on sale this Friday at 09:00 GMT. Do not miss it!

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