London Zoo’s Penguins!


This is a great time to visit London Zoo. The largest penguin pool in the country has just been opened . Penguins look really happy in their new home, which is bigger and deeper, and where they can exhibit more their natural behaviour.

London Zoo was voted the Best Tourism Experience 2010 so you shouldn’t miss it next time around! Visit ZSL London Zoo for more information and Hotelopia  for the best  hotels in London !

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The Olympic torch begins its journey


The route of the Olympic torch has been revealed. It will land in the UK on the 18th of May 2012, a year on today. Then it will start the route around the United Kingdom with the idea of being, at some point, within an hour journey from 95% of the population.

The torch will travel around big cities like Liverpool, Southampton, Cardiff, Manchester and Edinburgh but it will also visit the islands and it may also make a short visit to Dublin (this is still being studied).

Wherever the torch may be within those two months and a half, there will be a celebration: Concerts and shows will be held on 66 of the 70 days to welcome the torch into the country. So don’t miss the chance to have a life time experience!

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The biggest Cathedrals


Today Hotelopia wants to take you into some of the biggest religious temples of the world, their architecture and decoration are considered a work of art that is worth visiting, follow us:

-          Saint Peter’s Basilica, Rome: It is the biggest temple in the world (although it is not a Cathedral) with 218 metres long and 136 metres high to the dome. Among its architects artists as important as Raphael and Michelangelo. Inside the temple there are numerous spectacular sculptures and paintings in the Renaissance style.

-          St. Paul’s Cathedral, London: It was built at the end of the XVII century and it was one of the few buildings that survived the Second World War in the city. The dome is the perfect place to have views of the city and it is the second in size, after St. Peter’s.

-          Seville Cathedral: It is the biggest Gothic cathedral in the world. It was built on the remains of the mosque. In fact, the “Giralda” (the tower) was part of the mosque that was reconverted to Christian after the Reconquest. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site from 1987 and it serves as the burial site of Christopher Columbus.

-          Cologne Cathedral: It is the biggest church in Germany and it was the highest building in the world until Washington’s Monument was built in 1884. Its Neogothic style is a landmark of the city and it is the most visited monument in the country. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage.

If you like this kind of architecture and the works of art of the Renaissance and Gothic periods, do not miss this incredible churches.

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London, the place to be


With the world’s best football players taking centre stage in the Champions League Quarter Finals, Hotelopia thought it would look ahead to the Final. Whichever two teams make it to Wembley on the 28th May, one thing is guaranteed, London will be the place to be…

With the Olympics in 2012, the royal wedding later this month as well as other world-class events, sights, museums and architecture there is really no excuse not to visit this multicultural metropolis in the next few months.

If sport is not your thing then don’t be detoured, London hosts some of the world’s best museums and galleries, many within walking distance. The British Museum in Bloomsbury houses over 7 million artefacts from all corners of the earth so you’re guaranteed to find an area of interest within its walls.

If art is more your cup of very English tea, then the National Gallery situated in Trafalgar Square is currently displaying Jan Gossaert’s startling and stunning works from the Renaissance, a tribute not seen for over 40 years. Masterpieces such as Monet’s ‘Bathers at La Grenouillère, Seurat’s ‘Bathers at Asnières and van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ are also well worth the afternoon.

Looking for some retail therapy? Then you’ll be pleased to know Oxford Street is Europe’s busiest shopping area, stretching almost 1 mile, its residence include Selfridges, Diesel, La Senza and Zara; not forgetting Harrods just down the road…

In short, with something for everyone and a special something for you sports fans over the next 12 months, the world’s eye will be well and truly focused on London, why not be part of the action and experience for yourself what this city has to offer? Let Hotelopia help you take that first step.

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Rain and recesion increase Museums visits


The number of visitors in Galleries and Museums in London this summer has increased by 11% compared to last year’s figures. The main reasons of this rise is the bad weather and the fact that with the crisis tourists tend to visit places free of charge, such as most museums and galleries in London.

This proves that investing in culture boosts the economy by encouraging tourism, as eight out of the top 10 tourist attractions in London are museums and galleries.

Our reccomendations from Hotelopia if you are planning to visit London are the Natural History Museum, specially the human body section, a very interactive exhibition for both adults and children and the British Musem, where you can find pieces of egipcian and roman art as well as a greek temple that was moved piece by piece from Greece into the Museums.

Check out the best offers for London hotels in hotelopia.com!

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Pope’s visit… where will he be?


Whether you are atheist, catholic or protestant we are sure that you’ve heard the news: the Pope is in Britain and as a traveller’s blog, Blogtelopia will tell you all about his trip. He is going to be in England for four days and will leave England on Sunday.

Princess St., One of the places where the Pope has been today

Today the Pope was in Edinburgh, the Queen of England welcomed him to England in her official residence in Scotland, the Palace of Hollyrood.

He will  then travel to visit Archbishop’s House in Glasgow. On Friday and Saturday he will visit Westminster Cathedral and some other places in London. Finally on Sunday he will be in Birmingham. A good tour around the British Island, sadly he will not have time to visit the touristic parts of the city as we travellers do.

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A low cost Hotel?


A new concept of hotel is to be launched in London in August. It is a ‘low cost’ Hotel that offers a power shower and a comfy bed for very accessible prices but charges for extras such as room cleaning and air conditioning, do you like the idea? Read more!

Tony Fernandes, is an entrepreneur, the first one to found a low cost Asian airline, AirAsia and the man behind the idea of budget hotels, already opened in places like Singapore and Malaysia. Now he is introducing his chain in Europe and starting in London: Tune Hotels.
To celebrate the opening there will be a series of Tune Days where this already cheap accommodation will be cust to just one penny a night when booked online.  As written in the webpage these are ‘five-stars hotel experiences at one-star prices’. Sounds very interesting…but if you are planning to visit the capital before then or you are looking for more than a low cost, don’t forget to visit hotelopia and book your hotel for the best quality-price relationship

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Look for the Elephant!


The elephant parade is a conservation campaign to raise awareness on the urgent crisis faced by the endangered Asian Elephant. The event consists of more than 250 life-sized bright coloured elephants scattered around the city of London and it will take place until the end of July.

Each of the elephants has been decorated and painted by a different artist that has agreed to collaborate with this cause. The animals do brighten up the city of London, and the good thing is, you don’t know where you will find the next one!

If you are planning to visit the capital of Great Britain, don’t forget to look for these cute sculptures. And remember to book your hotels in Hotelopia, where you will always find the best offers!

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New London Red Bus


New-London-BusThe famous red double decker buses are on fashion again. This icon of London will have, in 2012,a new desgin that will make people stop and stare. Engineeers have worked on a more modern and aerodinamic vehicle with a greeen inside (its a hybrid), it will have three doors and two stairways to improve the comfort of this means of transport. It is the red bus designed for the 21st century.

The proposal’s main objetive is to give passanger’s a more pleasant ride around the city. Will they like it? Do you want to be one of the first to ride the bus? Book your hotel in London in Hotelopia!

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Betty Jackson (catwalking.com)

London Fashion Week was started last Friday with a bang last night, thanks to Naomi Campbell and her seasonal Fashion for Relief charity catwalk. The top model managed to get the help of some of her most famous friends by getting them to take part in the show, which was organised to raise money for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

It will be on until next Wednesday 24th and until then, the catwalk will be full of top models showing the thoughts of the most important designers about what next winter’s tendencies are going to be like. Colours, fabrics, cut… they are the Gods in fashion and tell us what we will be wearing in a year from now.

If you have tickets to go to this event you shouldn’t miss it, check out the best prices for hotels in London in Hotelopia UK!

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