Live Like Royalty: Three Castle Hotels Close to London


Castle in England

With over 700 beautiful castles still standing to this day, the UK is a popular destination for history buffs, lovers of architectures, and those that simply want a taste of the rich and famous. To further enrich your experience, many castles have been transformed into hotels so that you can really feel what it was like to live like royalty.

Check out these castle hotels that let you walk in the footsteps of the most prominent nobles in history. Be warned though – you may never want to leave.

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Happy Summer!


Today is the first day of the summer. That means more probability of having sunny days and what is more important: holidays! In the northern hemisphere today is the longest day of the year and this day has been celebrated since the ancient times. It is the summer solstice.

The pagans celebrated this day with fire, to symbolize the power of the sun. The tradition was to dance and jump around the fire to purify souls. Nowadays, there are still celebrations of these days, normally Christianized as Saint John celebration on the night of the 23rd of June. We will talk about that tomorrow.

Today we just want to wish you a very happy summer and we hope you enjoy it in the best hotels!

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In Hotelopia we want our friend to be happy and enjoy…Is there a better occasion to give an exclusive discount to all our new and old subscribers of our Newsletter?
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Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Still thinking about how to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day? Still deciding what to get?

Hotelopia has selected the best hotels for you to have a romantic stay. Both of you will enjoy a hotel in one of the most romantic European cities such as Paris, Venice, Prague and Rome with the best prices.

Our offers have been chosen specially for couples to have their fantastic weekend, a romantic getaway just for two.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Sales on Hotelopia!


Because not only temperatures go down in winter, Hotelopia has selected the best offers for you. Here is our proposal: a wide selection of hotels with free nights in European cities such as Prague, Lisbon, Budapest, Berlin, Rome, Paris and a lot more.ç

You can also enjoy our long stay offers and enjoy one of the attractive hotels we offer. Make the most of your holidays and use them to relax and chill out, come back with your batteries fully recharged.

Find out this and much more on Hotelopia.

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Go skiing with Hotelopia!


With Christmas behind us you may be feeling the holiday period is over, things are starting to quieten down, but you haven’t really had time to relax and enjoy yourself. However this could be perfect time to take advantage and book a quick getaway. Today Hotelopia is fully recommending a post Christmas winter break. Destination: The Alps! This stunning part of Europe is in its prime during January and February; and between New Years and the February half-term holiday you can take full advantage of lower than usual prices and steal a long weekends skiing. With the pistes guaranteed to be fresh, resorts quieter and cheaper than usual and the scenery just as stunning, it’s hard to say no…

So grab your boots, put on your skis and follow us up the mountain for an amazing winter adventure!

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What should never be missing in your luggage?


Good travellers are those who know exactly what to put inside their bags, not extra clothes or less than the necessary, just what is strictly needed. Today we will list some of the basic things that you should never forget when packing:

Toothbrush and other toiletries. If you are travelling with a lowcost flight and you are only going to bring hand luggage, toiletries should be in a transparent plastic bag and you will have to take them out for the security control.

Pyjamas or whatever you sleep in. An essential item of clothing.

Underwear. It may sound obvious but some people forget about it when packing fast.

Phone and camera charger. They are also basics but, as they are small and they are normally plugged in there is a possibility we might forget to bring them with us.

Bathing suit. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling north or south, it takes no space and you never know where you will end up (a pool, a spa…a bet to see who is the bravest getting in the sea in December…)

Passport or Identity Card-

Moreover if you want to be one of those perfect travellers you should plan ahead what you will be wearing each day of the trip (and maybe even list it). This way you will be certain of having the exact amount of clothes for the holiday!

Wednesday 7 April 2010 18:59 | Published by | Category: Interesting Stuff

Valentine’s Day in Paris


ParisIf you like travelling and your girlfriend/boyfriend likes it too, in stead of a bunch of flowers and a nice card, Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to flight somewhere and spend a romantic weekend with your partner. And what could be more romantic than Paris?

Paris has always been known as “the city of love”. Nobody knows exactly what it is but we all agree on the fact that Paris has “that something”. The small streets, a walk by the Seine, the Tuileries Gardens… everything will seem perfect for the lover’s eyes. From having a dinner for two in a cruise through the Seine, with some romantic music and the views of the wonderful Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, to hiring a bike and going around the city on two wheels, plans for each and every pocket and all different tastes.

However, if this is not the plan for you, it is maybe a bit too sentimental or you don’t have a couple to share this with, wait for the next few posts on Blogtelopia. We will give you other ideas on how to celebrate the day of love, even if you are single!

Tuesday 9 February 2010 17:13 | Published by | Category: Valentine's Day,events

Annual Guardian Angels – Motorcycle Police Officers Association Rally


Guardian Angels  The Annual Guardian Angels – Motorcycle Police Officer’s Association Rally took place in Benidorm this year from 20 to 22 November on the occasion of its 10th Anniversary. Four-hundred people attended the event and enjoyed a weekend of companionship and the friendly atmosphere that was present throughout their stay. Hotelopia was in charge of lodging and we thank the Association for entrusting us with this task. Congratulations on your 10-year Anniversary!
Hotelopia has also made available to the Guardian Angels an exclusive website with which they can make hotel reservations in any of our destinations at special prices, for both personal and professional reservations.

Tuesday 22 December 2009 16:26 | Published by | Category: Hotelopia Promotions

Art Nouveau in Prague


PragueThe destination of the month in Hotelopia is like a city taken out of a fairy tale: Prague. Its bridges, the river and its colourful houses that contrast with its emblematic dark stone buildings give it a mystical, imaginary splendour. This dreamy sensation is magnified by its Art Nouveau, which became very popular in the capital of the Czech Republic in the 20th century. The Municipal House, the Hotel Europa or the first Exhibition Grounds are a reflection of the extent to which this artistic style has influenced Prague’s architecture. The force of its Art Deco or Modernism (as it’s called in Spain) however, can be felt in many other parts of the city, not only at these prominent buildings. When you are meandering through the streets of Prague, remember to look up. You might find a painted female figure smiling down at you from the top of a house. Maybe, when you open the door to a shop, you’ll find that the iron door handle is in the shape of a climbing plant. Inside a café, a mirror could reflect your image surrounded by a wooden frame showing the craftsmanship of virtuosity. Even in the hotel, its winding staircase will add a touch of magic to your stay. When in Prague, visitors do not need to look for Art Nouveau; they will find it all around them, accompanying them during their stay.

Tuesday 10 November 2009 18:46 | Published by | Category: Hotelopia Promotions

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