Snowdonia, surfing park

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Good news for surfing fanatics, a surf park in Snowdonia which is located in Comwy, Wales, has 300 meters of lake for surfing, and able to generate waves of up to 2 meters in height, built by a Spanish company. Snowdonia is a fantastic place for beginners and professionals who want to improve in their surfing career, as they have specialized teachers like Jo Dennison, the Welsh Surf champion. Waves can reach 2 meters in height for professionals and 70 centimetres for beginners for a minimum uninterrupted time of 20 seconds. The lake has a capacity for 36 surfers at any one time and expects to receive 75.000 visitors yearly.

Friday 16 October 2015 9:24 | Published by Hotelopiauk | Categoriy: Travel News

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