Russians Reported As Most Troublesome Tourists


Sunbeds up for grabs!Turns out the Brits no longer consider Germans to be the most troublesome tourists on holiday.  According to a survey carried out by Realholidayreports.com, the Russians have won the title as the most complained about nationality.

It seems that in resorts across Europe this summer, Russians have gone one step further in battle over the sun beds.  Turns out they are not just getting up early in the morning to reserve a sun bed, but have been spied putting beds into their hotel rooms overnight to secure a poolside spot in the morning.

What’s more, the survey has highlighted other disagreeable Russian holiday behaviour  which includes stocking up on the all-inclusive buffet bars, swearing in public areas, dressing in chav gear (tracksuits and trainers), and flashing money around.  Obviously, no one’s made a study of the Great British behaviour in Magaluf then?

As Blogtelopia reported a few weeks ago, it’s not just the Russians or the Germans that should be pinpointed for sparking the sunbed wars.  Turns out the Brits are just as bad. Check out this Youtube link with shows how a hotel full of Brits in Majorca’s Palmanova reserve sun beds in just 2 minutes and 26 seconds at 6.30am one morning – now if that isn’t shameful….

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  1. I think Germans are worse


  2. I loved that advertisement with the English using dambusters solutions with their towels to get the sunbeds.


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