Reunion Island, the unkown island

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Just West of Madagascar, you Reunion Island as the name suggests, has a population of around 800.000 people from different cultures living together in harmony, including Chinese, Arabic, African Indians and Europeans, to name a few. The tropical climate makes this the perfect destination to visit all year round, despite sharp temperature variation at high altitudes. will find a remote island in the Indian Ocean called Reunion Island, making up part of the Mascarene Islands along with Mauritius and Rodrigues. Politically speaking, Reunion Island belongs to France and the European Union, where the euro is their currency.

This volcanic island is similar in size to Mallorca with altitudes reaching 3.000 metres, offering amazing geographical features and panoramic views for fanatic hikers in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.  It is known by many as ’The Canyoning of the Himalaya’.

Saint Dennis is the capital of Reunion Island where the majority of the population lives, well known for its sandy beaches and excellent surfing conditions. Boucan Canot beach and L’hermitage are the most famously visited locations, protected by a coral reef which creates a haven for all sorts of marine life, perfect for snorkeling close to the beach. In Saint Dennis you will also find traditional markets with a rich abundance of spices and artisan products at reasonable prices. One of the most well-known markets is ’Le marche de Chaudron’ which takes place in Saint Dennis on Wednesdays and Sundays.

A must see is the Mafate, Cilaos and Salzie circles, Mafate Is known as ‘the land of free men’ that can only be reached on foot or by helicopter.  A volcano called Piton des Neiges is located in the centre, and is the highest point offering breath-taking views across the Indian Ocean.

If that wasn´t enough, The Takamaka valley is another amazing place you shouldn´t miss out on, where you can find the Arc-en-Ciel cascade and the Marsouins river.  On the south of the island, surrounded by a Martian style landscape, Pitón de la Fournaise volcano stands at 2600 metres and last erupted in August 2015, causing the island to grow in size.

Anse des Cascades, located near Saint Rose is a stunning beach named after the surrounding cascades of water which flow directly into the sea.  This is the perfect place for the family to enjoy a day out swimming and soaking up the plentiful rays of sun.

Mangoes are a well recognised fruit which grow on the island, and in the high season between January and February you can harvest many exotic fruits directly from their original agricultural plantations. Amongst these, lychee, papaya, and passion fruit also grow well here, adding to the feeling of paradise as you relax in this unique part of the world.

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