Rabat – A Captial to Experience

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Rabat – A Captial to Experience

Sober and graceful, Rabat stretches serenely along the ocean’s edge with the dominating Hassan Tower creating the hallmark across the city skyline.  For shopping fanatics, this is the ideal destination.

Shopping starts on the Rue des Consuls in the medina. In addition to silver jewelry, the place is famous for its rugs. The traditional rug from Rabat is fine, with short, often red wool with a diamond shaped medallion in its centre. These rugs are considered “urban” as opposed to the rural products from the Atlas Mountains. Their auction sale on Monday and Thursday mornings is an unforgettable moment.

Exiting the Oudayas Kasbah, take time to linger in all the Tarik El Marsa arts and crafts boutiques. Here, some of the most beautiful Rabati arts and crafts are found in a single place. The same can be said for El Oulja, the potters’ village on the road to Meknes. The artisans use clay from the neighbouring quarries to shape the typical objects of daily life in addition to true works of art. Many items of basketwork are also produced here.

In addition, one of the largest shopping centres in Africa opened recently in Rabat. And this mall is not the city’s only shopping centre! Most of the local and international luxury boutiques are located along Mohammed V Avenue, which is also the new city’s true administrative and commercial nerve centre.  Visitors will find a number of stores in the upscale quarters like Agdal, which is particularly lively.

From picturesque traditional shops in ultra-modern shopping centres to international luxury stores, Rabat offers a thousand and one ways to go about shopping.

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