United States: Here we come!


In less than 15 days, we will celebrate the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus … what a perfect opportunity to follow the path of the famous explorer!

Let’s go to the USA!  October is one of the best period of the year to enjoy the East coast.

New York is clearly a destination to consider  with an intermediate climate and less tourists per square meter !  The city is waiting for you:  yellow cabs, skyscrapers and the unique energy of the Big Apple.

A last idea among millions:  if you have more time and a felling a little hungry : trying out the different influences of the all so flavored New-York street food (asian, italian, latin…) and maybe finishing your day with a walk in Central Park in the heart of Manhattan before going back to your hotel room for a deserved rest… even if this city never sleeps !

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The Giants’ Causeway


The most famous touristic place in Northern Ireland is also the most unique in many ways.  This place seems to be coming straight out of a dream … You can’t go to Nortehrn Ireland without making the trip to The Giant’s Causeway otherwise you will regret it all your life!

The volcanic landscape of the spot is made of millions of basalt columns make it look like giant steps coming out of the water.  Amazing in its natural yet so regular structure, it is worth being visited by both kids and adults.

To enjoy the tour better, don’t forget to go for a walk on the beach, where the rough sea violently crashes at the bottom of the cliffs.  And above all, don’t forget your camera, a few beautiful snapshots will be nice memories for you to take back home!

For lovers of extreme sensations,   you can continue your trip a little ahead along the coast and discover “Carrick-a-rade”… nothing but a rope bridge hanging 25 meters  over the sea !

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The first winner of the “Free Stays” Contest


As we announced last week, we already have the first winner of the “Free Stays” Contest for bookings made between the 19th and 25th of September.
The name of the first lucky winner is…. Elena González. Congratulations!

Remember that we still have 3 free stays for bookings made between the 26th of September and the 16th of October.

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Romantic autumn in Prague.


We hardly think of Eastern Europe while looking for a travel destination in autmun.  One of the best examples of a lovely destination  is the city of Prague,  in Czech Republic .

Its streets are a wide open book to European culture and art, inviting us to dive deep into centuries of history.  Prague is indeed a magical city for a short vacation or a longer stay ; you will never be get enough of it!

Perfect destination for lovers , if you go to Prague don’t forget to taste local pastries like cukrarna or kolac.
They’re very sweet and creamy little pies that you can find at every streets corners.

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Nightlife in Belfast


If you go on holiday to Northern Ireland you’ve got to go Belafast !
Walking in the streets at night,  you will discover the unique atmosphere of the “pubs”, enjoying a refreshing beer or tasting the traditionnal Irish stew.  This wonderful city is indeed the perfect place to discover Irish culture and gastronomy.

But bear in mind that nightlife is not only about eating and drinking !

Northern Ireland is also a great place for music.  Lots of pubs offer a deep musical programmation with live music played by talented local bands.
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Istanbul travel guide


Istanbul, bridging the East and West

One of the key elements that make this city such a magic place is its attractive geographic location between two continents, Europe and Asia. Here visitors will be captivated by a mixture of colours and scents that give a special touch to the city. Everything in Istanbul makes it seem as though it were a scene out of One Thousand and One Nights: colours, carpets, bazaars

Still today, the magnitude of two of the most significant empires in history is appraised in this ancient capital: the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. For this reason, in 1985 the historical quarters of Istanbul were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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Every week and within these dates Hotelopia will refund the whole cost of the booking to the lucky winner.

We will give away a stay for free every week among all bookings made.

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Barcelona’s great fiesta


In just a week it will be the Barcelona’s patron saint day and the center of the city will be transformed in a big party with music, dances and gunpowder. The celebrations will start on thursday 22th september at Plaça San Jaume with the Toc de inici where there will be the dance show of th Giants of Barcelona. On saturday morning the Trabucaires will wake up everyone by firing their blunderbuss all over the streets of the gothic quarter of Barcelona.

On 24th and 25th september there will be show of Sardanas, the traditional catalan dances, on different squares of the center. On saturday at 12h30 you can not miss the Castellers exhibition where several teams will build and dismantle human tower’s structure that can have up to 10 levels!

For the fireworks lovers you will have the choice, you cannot miss the Correfoc, where people dressed like devils light fireworks while dancing to the drums. There will also be the classic firework exhibition on the Barceloneta beach and the musical firework that will be the final bouquet of the festival that will be fired from the Magical Fountain.

You can find more details of the festival here.

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San Sebastian International Film Festival


The 59th San Sebastian International Film Festival will fill the streets of the basque city with movies and glamor from this friday up to saturday 24th. This year the Official Selection accounts 20 movies, like Amen directed by the korean Kim Ki Duk or the world premiere of the french movie Intouchables directed by Eric Toledano y Olivier Nakache. The spanish director Álex de la Iglesia and the chinese actress Bai Ling will be part of the jury that will decide which movies deserves the Golden Shell.

In addition to the Official Selection there will be 20 other selection of movies, each one with dedicated to a different theme, like spanish movies, latino movies, mexican movies, chinese movies and even films for the kids.

This year the Donostia prize goes to the famous and awarded Glenn Close who will present her last movie Albert Nobbs directed by Rodrigo García, which even though it is on the Official Selection it will not participate to the competition. If you don’t know Glenn Close, she played the role of Patty Hewes a brilliant and manipulator lawyer on the drama series Damages, this interpretation lead her to be awarded with two Emmys and a Golden Globe.

During the next week you can also enjoy exhibitions like the one dedicated to the italian director Federico Fellini or another one dedicated to International Amnesty.

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Discovering Belfast


Belfast is the main city of Northern Ireland and is full of history. Of course, not so long ago Belfast was not a very peaceful city due to the fights between catholics and protestants and the peace lines or peace walls are a witness of this past. But Belfast is also the city which saw the Titanic come to life and you can still see the Titanic’s Dock and the Pump-House which was once the beating heart of Harland & Wolffs operation during the construction of the Titanic. Also, you can find a memorial to honor the victims of the Titanic at the Belfast City Hall, a baroque revival building built by the end of the XIXth century.

The Belfast Castle is a must do of the city, located in the Cave Hill area of north Belfast, was built in the 1860s. Located 400 foot above sea level, the castle offers and it is a beautiful example of Victorian architecture.

For the fashionistas, the West Coast Cooler Fashionweek starts on the 13th up to the 16th october and you can discover the last creations of the north-irish fashion.

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