Look What I Brought Back: The World’s Strangest Souvenirs


Forget snow globes and key rings, if you really want to make an impression with your family and friends, try one of these.

We have scoured the globe looking for the world’s most weird, disturbing and downright creepy souvenirs for your viewing pleasure.  Exit through the gift shop, and your worst nightmare may well be on the shelf!

Scorpion Chocolate – China

Woman eating a chocolate scorpion

Image source: Jurvetson

Someone once told me that you should never eat anything with more than four legs. I think they might have been onto something…

On the other hand, maybe I’m missing out? There are many people who say that these fried scorpions served covered in chocolate are delicious! Why not take one home in a bag for mum?

Animal Coffee – Indonesia

Animal digested coffee from Indonesia

Image source: Oliver Hallmann

Don’t freak out, okay?

This is the most expensive and best tasting coffee in the world, so the critics say.

But the catch is, it’s been pooed out by an animal!

Apparently, this just adds to the flavour…

This is all thanks to the Asian palm civets that munch on the beans, which are then altered by the acid in their stomach to create a coffee that is simply divine.

Cane Toad Purse – Australia

Souvenir purses made of toads

Image source: Ewan Roberts

These toads were first introduced to Australia to combat a beetle problem but instead ended up becoming a pest themselves. An unpopular animal, they have come under attack from various angles and are now made into these stunningly attractive handbags.

Take note readers, being a nuisance in Australia can literally make you an accessory to murder…

Get it…?

Gator Head – Florida, USA

Alligator head ornament

Image source: Jennifer Maderazo

Some people have a pretty strange idea of what looks attractive on the mantelpiece. Porcelain dogs and doilies are one thing, but an alligators head – a step too far, surely?

Well, the good people of Florida have these attractive adornments for the bargain price of $6. Why not put some potpourri inside, or use it as an oven mitt, perhaps?

Snake Wine – The Huaxi Night Market – Taipei, Taiwan

Snake Wine Souvenir

Image source: Jorge Lascar

How much would someone have to pay you to take a swig from this bottle? Across South East Asia, it is actually believed that this wine has rejuvenating, healing properties. Anyone who might like to try this will be pleased to know that the venom is neutralised by the ethanol, so there is no actual danger.

Well, why didn’t you say so, I hear you cry, hand me a glass!

Llama Fetuses – The Witches Market – La Paz, Bolivia

Llam fetuses weirdest souvenir ever

Image source: Revolution Ferg.

Many Bolivians believe that burying one of these under the foundations of a new house will protect your home as well as its contents.

Cheaper than a burglar alarm but not as cute as a guard dog, these dried llama fetuses can be found at the Witches Market in La Paz, Bolivia.

Elephant Dung – Natural History Museum – London, UK

Elephant Poo in a Box strange Souvenir from London

Image source: Jo Finley

Whoever thought this up is basically a genius – just goes to show that you can put anything, and I mean, ANYTHING in a box with a shiny label on it and people will buy it.

Why would you want to buy elephant poo? Erm… you can grow roses in it apparently.

Never heard of soil?

A University Degree – Khao San Road – Bangkok, Thailand

Fake degree from Thailand holiday

Image source: Honey Bee

Commonly known as the University of Khao San, this road in Thailand’s capital is the place where you can buy a degree like pick and mix in a sweet shop. Choose your university, choose your subject and there you have it!

Why spend 3 years getting a degree when you can spend three minutes? You’ll just have to hope that no one ever asks you questions about astrophysics or palaeontology.

Bezoar (Gut Stone) – India

Bezoar - a strange souvenir from India

Image source: I Love Butter

Before you pick up a bezour and start giving it a good fondle, read the label!

Coveted by many throughout the Middle East and India, these ‘stones’ are thought to possess healing properties…

And their origin? Oh, they’re just extracted from the stomachs and gall bladders of goats.

Calling all Intrepid Travellers! What’s the Strangest Souvenir You’ve Ever Seen?

We are searching for the tenth most bizarre souvenir. Do you have the answer? If you can top this lot, we’ll be very impressed!

Let us know by leaving a comment, before it’s too late.

Author Gavin Harvey has a passion for travel and this year he’s busy planning his next trip around the world. You can catch up with all of his latest adventures by following him on Twitter.

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  1. Wow! Those are some seriously bizarre souvenirs!


  2. Bezoar stones can also come from dinosaurs, awesomely enough. Tend to be called coprolites now though.


    James Duval

  3. Elephant’s dung was the dumbest of them all!
    Gator head and snake bottle is quite intriguing and good office piece.


  4. Eek some of them are so gross!!! In fact, they kind of all are…

    Estelle Page

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  6. They’re pretty nasty. Not sure I’d stay friends with anyone that brought me one of those back!


  7. Eeek, some of these are horrid! Can’t believe people actually buy toad purses. Saying that, I’ve seen lollipops with insects in before too…


  8. Oh, my… Thanks, but no thanks! I’ll stick to books and music, k? :)

    Pola (@jettingaround)

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  11. Dear Sir,
    I am Manoj Chowdary from india we have goat bezoar stones 100% pure and dried if yours intrest i weel be send in bunk, pls mail me are call me +919705008026.

    Manoj Chowdary

  12. The toadfactory.com website is the genius manufacturer of all things cane toad . The most unique original bizzare wholesale gift shop in all the world . Based in Cairns – North Queensland – Australia . They have over 70 different cane Toad products in a truly amazing catalogue of sheer novelty impulse buying products .

    Terry Selwood

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