Live Like Royalty: Three Castle Hotels Close to London

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Castle in England

With over 700 beautiful castles still standing to this day, the UK is a popular destination for history buffs, lovers of architectures, and those that simply want a taste of the rich and famous. To further enrich your experience, many castles have been transformed into hotels so that you can really feel what it was like to live like royalty.

Check out these castle hotels that let you walk in the footsteps of the most prominent nobles in history. Be warned though – you may never want to leave.

Amberley Castle

With a stylish spa, world class dining, and breath-taking views, the Amberley Castle shows just what it’s like to live like a king. The grand 900-old castle offers 19 luxurious rooms mixed with contemporary décor and historic antiques. Some rooms also have lounge areas and whirlpool baths to bring the historic living into today’s modern world. Look outside your window and you can catch a glimpse of the resident peacock and alpacas, discover the tennis courts, or watch a round at the 18-hole putting green and croquet lawn.

Hever Castle

Recognized as one of the most intact castles in the south of England, Hever Castle is only thirty miles from central London and even houses a train station between the two points. The castle was once home to two of the most powerful families in history – the Bolyens and Tudors. Following in their footsteps, you can stay in one of 28 five-star bedrooms in the Astor Wing and Anne Boleyn Wing of the Castle, or stay in a luxurious four-bedroom holiday cottage. Regardless of which accommodation you choose, guests will have access to boating on the Hever Lake, jousting shows in the castle’s arena, and archery out in the gardens.

Leeds Castle

Known as one of the most famous castles in the world and a UK national treasure, Leeds Castle provides a number of accommodation for those wanting to live like royalty. Just an hour drive away from London, hotel guests can stay in a holiday cottage, a bed and breakfast room, or camp out like a knight in one of eight medieval knight pavilions. While on the grounds, you enjoy free access to the main castle, indulge in delicious breakfast in the 17th century Fairfax Hall, lose yourself in a maze, or visit the Knight’s Realm playground.

On a trip to London, indulge in one of these unique experiences as a getaway from the rustle and bustle of the city, and to live like the kings and queens of history.

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