ITB Berlin

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Welcome to the world all under one roof at the ITB Berlin in 2016, a leading travel trade show of global proportion… where representatives from more than 180 countries will be presenting to an international audience.  This event brings together innovators and entrepreneurs; from countries, cities, regions, tour operators, travel agencies, online booking portals, hotels and much more.  All, with a wealth of expertise and experience to trade in the latest products and services available in the travel and tourism industry.  It´s the perfect time to visit Berlin and experience all it has to offer, if that list wasn´t enough! In a city as culturally and historically rich as Berlin you might need some extra time to explore. Secure your stay and book a hotel with Hotelopia, and be sure to enjoy all on offer at this unique event.

Friday 4 March 2016 13:39 | Published by Hotelopiauk | Categoriy: General Tourism,Hotelopia News,Interesting Stuff,Travel News,events

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