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Fuerteventura, a natural paradise

To visit Fuerteventura is to live a unique experience. Within its 1,659 km2 there are no less than twenty-four volcanoes, and along its coastline you’ll discover some of the most paradisiacal beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. The island enjoys 3,000 hours of sunlight each year, and attracts all type of visitors in search of a warm climate and good tourist services.

The options to enjoy a “special” vacation are many and varied: UNESCO declared the whole island as a Biosphere Reserve in 2009, and if you are looking for nature in its pure state then this island is the place you’re looking for. Moreover, Fuerteventura is the perfect destination for doing aquatic sports, such as surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and of course diving.

Fuerteventura offers tourist attractions to enjoy with your family, partner or with friends, so having fun is assured: you can take a camel ride, or you can explore amazing places in a 4-wheel drive, and by all means, take advantage to make a get-away at any time of the year.

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Jandía Natural Park

Jandía Natural Park, or Jandía Peninsula, extends over the south of the island between Costa Calma and Morro Jable tourist centres, and this is where the amazing beaches full of fine sand and turquoise waters that have given the island its fame are. It’s worth the trouble to explore the hidden coves outside the touristic area: on the west coast (Barlovento), there is an extension of fourteen kilometres of white sand, which can only be accessed by 4-wheel drive. Here, the impressive Playa de Cofete (Cofete Beach) is found, a virgin and spectacular place that has been immortalised in the history of cinema, as the movie “Planet of the Apes” was filmed here in 1968. In Jandía Peninsula, there are also numerous nudist beaches.

Tindaya Mountain

Tindaya Mountain was a place of worship for the old aboriginals of Fuerteventura, the majos. The mountain hosts an important archaeological deposit, made up by more than 300 podomorfos (foot-shaped rock carvings). These carvings are made exclusively in trachyte, a type of volcanic rock that only appears in Tindaya, and 80% of the carvings point right between the Pico de las Nieves peak in Gran Canaria and the Teide volcano in Tenerife. At the foot of the mountain, burials were found at each one of the cardinal points.

Tindaya Mountain was declared as a Cultural Heritage Site of Spain, and as a Natural Monument and Point of Geological Interest in the Canary Islands. You can visit Tindaya Mountain by applying at the Town hall of Fuerteventura.

Where: La Oliva Municipality, 35649 Fuerteventura
Further information: http://www.cabildofuer.es

Oasis Park

Oasis Park is a grand zoological and botanical garden covering 200,000 m2, in which you can see more than 200 animal species and up to 2,300 species of tropical plants and cacti, including numerous endemic species. It is the biggest park in the Canary archipelago. But above all, Oasis Park is a wonderful thematic park where you can spend an eventful day, enjoying different attractions like the sea lion, parrot and reptile shows, and the original birds of prey show.

In addition, they offer a camel safari in a surrounding that brings to mind the first settlers of the island; also, there is an animal farm for the little ones, and a variety of stores and restaurants decorated in the style of the park. Oasis Park is a true adventure that you can’t miss out on seeing on your visit to the island.

Where: Crta. General de Jandía, s/n, 35627 La Lajita (Pájara), Fuerteventura
Tel: (+34) 902 400 434
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 9:00 – 18:00

Corralejo Dunes Natural Park and Lobos Island

The Corralejo Dunes Natural Park, counts with more of 2,600 hectares of very fine, white sand, bathed by crystalline waters, which turns this place into a true oasis where you can kick back an relax in this tranquil environment.

The dunes are found to the north of Fuerteventura Island, just 5 km away from Corralejo, and extend along 8 km of coastline. They are divided into several beaches (some of them are suitable for naturism). The route can be taken by car, and in the vicinity it’s possible to find a few beachside snack bars.

Lobos Island (Wolf Island) is a small island covering five km2 that is located in the strait that separates Fuerteventura and Lanzarote islands. Its name comes from the old colony of monk seals that lived on the island (also well-known as sea-wolves). The main attraction of Lobos Island is its ecological value; its seabed is declared as a Marine Reserve, and its coast has wetland areas that form salt marshes of rich biological wealth. There is a restaurant and a camping area on the island.

Excursions with “Líneas Marítimas Romero”

Líneas Marítimas Romero is a cruise boat company that offers a wide range of marine excursions for you to have an exciting experience on your holiday. There are multiple daily trips in ferry and catamaran that connect Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Graciosa Island and Lobos Island. You’ll have the chance to see flying fish and go dolphin and whale watching, and also you’ll be able to contemplate the amazing seabed and enjoy beaches that are otherwise difficult to access.

In addition, the excursions can be accompanied by cultural visits, lunches and complementary activities like snorkelling or kayak rides, or even by an outing in a speedboat… Líneas Marítimas Romero offers different possibilities for you to spend a day with lots of fun and enjoy fantastic landscapes.

Where: C/ Teide, 8, local B. 35510 Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote
Tel: (+34) 928 842 055
Further information: http://www.videocosta.com

Llano Cave

This cave is a volcanic tube that is more that a million years old and can be accessed over a 400 m route. Due to its geological interest, it has a great scientific value and hosts a Visitor Centre and Museum. The guided visit includes very good explanations on the geologic history of Fuerteventura, its volcanic formation and climate change. Interestingly, the Maiorerus Randoi, a type of blind spider classified as “relict” lives in the cave, and Llano Cave is the only place on the planet where it lives.

Where: Villaverde, 35640 La Oliva, Fuerteventura
Tel: (+34) 928 175 928
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturdays: 10:00 – 18:00
Email: emuseos@gmail.com

Eating out

Abuelo Alfredo Restaurant

Located in Santa Ines Valley, this restaurant has three large independent halls, and a highly varied and top-quality gastronomical offer. You’ll be able to taste international dishes as well as specialties like roasted kid goat, goat stew, Canary rancho (chickpea-based stew) or sancocho (traditional fish dish). Don’t forget to try the tasty majonero cheese with palm honey as a starter.
The premises also offer an extensive wine list and a daily set menu, with prices to suit all budgets.

Where: Calle Real, s/n (Calle Coronel), 35637 Betancuria, Fuerteventura.
Tel: (+34) 928 878 764

Caracoles Restaurant
Caracoles Restaurant is tucked away in a small street in the centre of Corralejo. Its gastronomical offer is high quality, and you get good value for your money. The premises are run by a married couple and the atmosphere is cosy. They offer ample assortment of tapas and creative dishes, with very fresh products that are cooked at the moment.

Where: C/ Machín Santana, 7, 35660 Corralejo, Fuerteventura
Tel: (+34) 617 751 198

Puerto de la Peña “Casa Pepín” Restaurant

This is a typical restaurant of Ajuy, a fishing village next to Pájara, popular within and outside the island. The menu is highly varied, with numerous traditional Canary dishes combined with local recipes, including fresh fish and popular dishes such as fried majorero kid goat, potaje canario (vegetable stew) and the famous “papas arrugás con mojo” (wrinkled potatoes with “mojo” gravy sauce). In its cellar they have numerous Canarian wines, and as far as prices go, they are very reasonable.

Where: C/ Puerto Azul, 4, 35628 Ajuy (Pájara), Fuerteventura
Tel: (+34) 928 161 468
Further information: http://www.casapepin.es

“El Gran Chaparral” Restaurant
Located in the island’s capital, Puerto del Rosario, “El Gran Chaparral” is the perfect option to enjoy good food in a typical Canarian atmosphere. It is a big restaurant decorated with wood and frequented by the local population. They serve excellent homemade food, with a variety of grilled meats, fish, seafood and daily specials. They offer reasonable prices, and a warm and professional service.

Where: C/ La Apañada, 18, 35611 El Matorral (Puerto del Rosario), Fuerteventura
Tel: (+34) 669 234 175

La Fabiola Restaurant

La Fabiola restaurant is a must to enjoy a romantic evening in Fuerteventura. The restaurant is a Canarian mansion from the XVII century, and also the residence of Alexander, a Belgian decorator who settled down in Fuerteventura who is the owner of the premises. The cooking is European-style, with numerous “delicacies” and French touches. Every small detail of the decoration is looked after as you dine by candlelight. In regards to prices, a dinner for two would cost around €80-100.

Where: C/ Real, 1, 35600 La Ampuyenta (Puerto del Rosario), Fuerteventura
Tel: (+34) 928 174 605

Out shopping

Although Fuerteventura is not a shopping paradise, you’ll be able to find true bargains at the markets, and whatever takes your fancy whilst on holidays…


Practically all over Fuerteventura, weekly markets are held where you’ll be able to have a stroll, look around and to buy a little bit of everything, especially handicrafts to take home as a souvenir or to give to a friend. Some typical articles are pottery works, wooden boats and carved musical instruments, and if the budget permits, some precious hand embroidered table linen.

*Costa Calma markets
This market is found in the touristic locality of Costa Calma, a different place where the tropical green colour of the vegetation stands out in a volcanic island. Here you’ll be able to find clothes, handicrafts and jewellery.
Where: Plaza Happag Lloyd, 35627 Costa Calma, Fuerteventura
Opening hours: Wednesday and Sundays: 10:00 – 15:00

* Castillo Markets
These markets are located in Caleta de Fuste, in the high area of Monte Castillo. They sell clothes and majorero handicrafts, among others articles.
Where: Urbanización Caleta de Fuste, s/n, 35328 Antigua, Fuerteventura
Opening hours: Saturdays: 9:00 – 14:00

* Jandía markets
These are some of the biggest and most popular markets on the island that are frequented by many tourists in the area; local gastronomic products are sold here among other traditional products of the island.
Where: Paseo Marítimo (Playa de Jandía), 35625 Jandía, Fuerteventura
Opening hours: Thursday: 9:00 – 14:00

* Morro Jable markets
This market is located in the tourist locality of Morro Jable at the southern end of Fuerteventura. Handicraft articles, clothes among other articles are sold here.
Where: Avda. del Saladar, 35625 Morro Jable, Fuerteventura
Opening hours: Thursday: 9:00 – 14:00

* Lajares markets
This market is located in the main square of Lajares. Here they mainly sell organic farming products and local gastronomy, although there is no lack of handicraft articles. On street footpaths there are usually painting exhibitions, live Canarian music and original workshops.
Where: Plaza de la Iglesia, 35640 Lajares, Fuerteventura
Opening hours: Saturdays: 9:00 – 14:00

* Corralejo markets
Parque Aquatico Baku. Avda. Nuestra Señora del Carmen, 35660 Corralejo, Fuerteventura
Opening hours: Monday and Friday: 9:00 – 14:00


The nightlife in Fuerteventura is divided between the capital, Puerto del Rosario, and the tourist localities of the island.

Corralejo area

This is the area with the biggest nightlife atmosphere in the island. Around the Baku Waterpark & Leisure Centre (in General Franco Avenue) is where a good number of nightclubs are all found, where you can get something to drink and start warming up the night. Further along this avenue is where the British pubs are located, and also the main dance floors.

For those seeking something more tranquil, in the pedestrian area in the port direction, there are bars and restaurants with terraces and a local feel, and in some of them there is live Latin music.

Morro Jable area

In Morro Jable there are two nightlife areas: the first is located on the top floor of Jandía Shopping Centre (in the main avenue), where there is a great amount of small music bars and pubs with an international atmosphere. The second place is found in Sirilo López Square: here the nightlife is more relaxed, with some cocktail-bars and pubs where sometimes there is live acoustic music.

Puerto del Rosario

If you want to go out at night in the purest style of the island, the capital Puerto del Rosario has what you want. Here you can choose between variable styles, with special mention to the great number of premises which only play Latin music, like salsa, bachata and merengue music, for example Mojito Verde (C/ Antonio Jorge s/n), Candela (C/ Fernández Castañera, s/n) or Mama Rumba (C/ San Roque, 17).

If you’re looking for some other rhythms like hip-hop, Spanish music or pop, you can also find them here. We recommend you to visit the nightclub and pub Arrebato (C/ Secundino Alonso, 27), El Templo (C/ Durán, s/n), or Mafasca (C/ La Cruz, 21)


Annual Sports Fair

This fair promotes minority sports, especially the typical ones of the island. The “Feria del Deporte” sports fair in Fuerteventura, already in its sixth edition, congregates almost 15,000 people every year. In its recent edition, the public could participate in some forty different sporting activities, among them bungee jumping (jumping off from fifty metres high up), sandboard, paintball, karting, kick boxing, jorkyball (soccer inside glass walls), scalestrix, diving, rock climbing, Canarian bowls, horse riding, “Canarian fighting”, among many others.

Where: 35639 Pozo Negro (Antigua), Fuerteventura
When: March, every year

Fuerteventura Wave Classic

Windsurfing is the most important sport of Fuerteventura and there is a large community of resident surfers and windsurfers; it is no coincidence that the island has hosted the World Championship of Windsurfing and Kitesurfing on repeated occasions. At the moment, the Fuerteventura Wave Classic has become a meeting point for the best windsurfers of the world that year after year go to the island looking for “giant waves” and extreme climatologic situations. Without a doubt, this event is well reported by the media, and it’s a good occasion to head to Fuerteventura and get to know this sport.

Where: 35660 La Oliva (North coast), Fuerteventura
When: February, every year

Carnivals in Fuerteventura

Like in other islands of the archipelago, the carnivals are popular celebrations in Fuerteventura. The comparsas of Puerto del Rosario (street musicians and dance troupes…) amuse the multitudes with their murgas and dances, doing a parody of the daily local and public life… anything is a good reason to laugh and to sing to the rhythm of the comparsa!

One of the major attractions of the celebration is the contest and parade of floats, which are ornamented of the most original forms, between disguises and colours.

When: February/March
Where: Puerto del Rosario (and rest of the island)

Tourist Information Offices

Get further information from the tourist offices in Fuerteventura.

Turism Office of Puerto del Rosario

Where: Avd.Los de Reyes de España S/N
Tel : (+34) 618 52 76 68
When: 08:00 – 19:00
Email: turismo@puertodelrosario.org

Turism Office Corralejo
Avda Maritima nº 2
Tel: (+34) 928 86 62 35
When: 08:00 – 15:00
Email: info@corralejograndesplayas.com

Turism Office Corralejo
Where: Puerto comercial de Corralejo
Tel: (+34) 928 537 183
When: 08:00 – 15:00
Email: muelle@corralejograndesplayas.com

Turism Office Morro Jable

Where: Avda el Saladar, C.C.Cosmo, local nº 88
Tel: (+34) 928 540 776
When: 08:00 – 15:00
Email: turismo@playasdejandia.com

Spanish Facts

Language: Spanish | Money: Euro | Electricity: 230 volts at 50Hz | Time: GMT -1 | Country code: +34 Documentation: Passport or valid identity card required from EU residents. For citizens of other countries, a visa (exception: Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Nicaragua, New Zeland, Panama, Paraguay, Korea, San Marino, Vatican City, Singapur, Uruguay and Venezuela. The maximum time to stay as a tourist is 90 days

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