We are the 6th greener!


TUI Travel PLC has been ranked 6th in the FTSE 350 Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index [CDLI] for its approach to carbon disclosure.

This year TUI Travel has received a carbon disclosure score of 90 which is a 27% improvement on last year’s score (71) and places TUI Travel in the top quartile of the CDLI. TUI Travel is the ONLY leisure travel company to be featured in the CDLI this year.

The whole group, to which Hotelopia belongs is working hard to achieve our goals of reducing our carbon emissions.

Book “green” with Hotelopia and its Sustainable Hotels

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December getaway


This December getaway will be really long. So, from Hotelopia we suggest you different offers that you can’t  reject…

First we offer an amazing trip to Tenerife, with its nature and wonderful coast.

Forget about your job and enjoy your holiday in peace while you relax in our sustainable hotels,  visit the wonderful Imperials Cities as Vienna, Prague and Budapest or stay in the special Winter Warmers from Barceló Hotels & Resort.

You are thinking that you can’t go on holiday because of your pet?
Hotelopia can solve your problem with its hotels welcoming pets to have fun without stress.
You have no excuse. Book now with Hotelopia!

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Clarence House gardens open to public


Clarence House, the official residence of the Prince of Wales, will open its gardens to the public in September. It will be a 12-day garden party starting on the 8th as part of a programme to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. There will be a great number of activities to enjoy while visiting: displays, exhibitions, live performances from well-known comedians, musicians and speakers. Visitors will also be able to learn how to cook in an enviromental friendly way.

This is a rare opportunity to visit this historic gardens, so dont miss it! Book your hotel for London during that time of the year, summer but with less tourist and this one could be another reason to go!

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Earth day Fest in Rochester


As you may know last Thursday 22nd it was Earth Day. There were events held all around the world to make people aware of the consequences of pollution and to the event encourages us all to do that little bit extra to protect the world we live in. Now in its 40th year, this Worldwide Day has been celebrated in different ways.

This weekend in Rochester a special celebration to commemorate the 40th anniversary is to be held, The MI Earth Day Fest . This morning the Festival started with a parade but it also involves 200 green and wellness exhibits, kids corner arts and activities, organic food and drink, renewable energy equipment, home improvement and energy conservation, electric and hybrid vehicle displays, green home and garden products, and other healthy and green living resources.

The festival offers people ideas and opportunities to join the international push for a cleaner and healthier environment.  It runs until 7 p.m. Saturday and from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Sunday.

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Catalan Chef Puts Sting On The Menu


Tasty jellyfish left alone in the Med for nowWith all the recent media coverage surrounding overfishing and declining tuna stocks, Catalan chef Carme Ruscalleda is trying to create some balance in the ocean by getting jellyfish on the menu.

Anyone that’s been stung by these pesky sea creatures while holidaying in the Med will soon be able to take revenge and order them freshly cooked (minus stingers) at Carme Ruscalleda’s restaurant in Sant Pol del Mar near Barcelona soon.

A combination of warming sea temperatures and a decline in the jellyfish’s natural predators, such as turtles, tuna and sharks means jellyfish populations are growing to become potentially a sustainable oceanic food source.

The Mediterranean jellyfish haven’t yet been classified by the EU as legitimate food stuff, so currently the sea creatures have to be imported from China, which is crazy considering the amount of jelly fish we see during the winter months floating in the waters off Majorca.

Their popularity on menus in the Med will depend on how well they’ll be accepted by the diners and will mean a change in cultural attitudes towards these slimy sea creatures.

Found in restaurants throughout Asia, the Chinese believe jellyfish benefits, balance blood pressure, improves cholesterol, and helps joints.  It’s also good for the skin and great for the cardio-vascular system.  This is however, after the jelly fish has been correctly prepared and seasoned, so don’t try cooking jellyfish at home just yet folks.

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Packing Advice From The Go-Light Guru


suitcasesIf packing to go on holiday means taking everything except for the kitchen sink, then check out website www.onebag.com.

Created by Doug Dyment, the so-called Go-Light Guru, learn about the art and science of travelling light.

With all low-cost airlines now charging extra for checking in luggage, and some (inc. Ryanair) reducing their check-in weight, means you pay more, for the more you take.

The website shows how to create your own reusable packing list, to ensure you’re taking the essentials without over packing.

As for other benefits:

Travelling light means a better journey: You can board trains and busses more easily and get around on underground trains or metros without having heart failure.  It also means you’ll save a packet on taxi fares.
-  Help save the environment: Planes need less fuel depending on the weight of the luggage carried.  The less you take, the less impact you’ll have on the planet.

What’s more, the website is packed with fascinating facts.  Did you know that a wheelie suitcase weighs 75% more and has less space than one without?  Or that you can use dental floss as a cheese or cake cutter, heavy duty thread for making repairs, as a temporary luggage lock, to mend dripping taps, and even if you’re forced to give birth, it is also strong enough to cut the umbilical cord!

After checking out this website, you won’t travel in the same way again.

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World Environment Day

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world-environment-day1Today, Friday 5th June 2009, millions of people worldwide come together to celebrate World Environment Day to combat climate change.

The theme for this year is “Your Planet Needs You!” and there are celebrations taking part around the world. But you can still do your bit without leaving your desk.

A Twitter campaign is being held by the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) whereby one tree will be planted for every person who follows them on Twitter.  Just log onto http://twitter.com/UNEPandYou , and click “follow”.

The event is billed as being truly global.  Other highlights include:
- Afghanistan:  A street clean is taking place in Kabul with awareness-raising campaigns through schools and mosques.
- Nepal: An ‘Ecofootball’ match entitled ‘GOAL-against Climate Change’ will bring together celebrities, politicians and environmentalists.
- Brazil: Volunteers will be targeted to produce, translate and disseminate information and advice on environmentally-friendly lifestyles.
- Kenya: A seafront clean-up will be organized on the island of Lamu with schoolchildren, students, as well as community and government representatives.
- Belgium: The EchoFestival in Brussels’s Royal Park will include a picnic, exhibits, a concert and a fair for a “shared eco-cultural experience”.
- Republic of Korea: 30,000 children will take part in a painting competition on the environment.

So are days like this useful in terms of changing public opinion, and most importantly, protecting the environment?  Let us know…

Friday 5 June 2009 11:40 | Published by | Category: Interesting Stuff,Sustainability,events

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