A new way to enjoy dinners


Traditional restaurants are off the hook in cities like Barcelona or London where a new way to enjoy dinners exists. This restaurants are more peculiar and underground, it is not about creating a new cuisine but a new way dinner experience.

In Barcelona a very one of a kind dry cleaner name Dont Tell was founded in 2009. In fact, the dry cleaning business is more a facade, it hides a restaurant inside that you will not find unless you have a reservation and the code to get in. You can find more information about how get your “clothes cleaned” on the restaurant’s website : http://www.tintoreriadontell.com/

London is full of underground restaurants. Like Dont Tell in Barcelona there are secret restaurants, supper clubs and even restaurants that change their location every week. You can find a list of this underground restaurants in the Time Out website : http://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/features/8001/London-s-underground-restaurants.html

Will you try?

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Bon Apetit!


France has always been famous for its cheese, wine, crêpes and croissants. However today we want to introduce you to a very ancient tradition from Alsace that is a well kept secret. This small region has maintained a typical dish called “tarte flambée which actually means “flamed pie”. The pie has a rectangular or circular shaped dough, always topped with onion and “crème fraîche” and some other ingredients.

If you happened to be in this part of the world, a region between two countries  with a rich culture, you should not focus only in food. As well as having one of the delicious “tartes flambées” (also called Flammkuchen in German) you should visit Strasbourg, World Heritage site where the Cathedral is really worth a visit and you will have to  discover the rest by yourself!

Bon Apetit and Bon Voyage!

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Holidays always make you hungry; as a tourist, you need to see a lot of different places in just a few days. Join us for a gastronomic journey in which we will visit some of the best restaurants in the world, according to the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world published by the Restaurant Magazine.

First stop: Denmark. Noma won the 1st prize yesterday night. It is the second year in a row so Hotelopia has decided it deserves a chance, for the most sophisticated ones we recommend Copenhagen as a destination and Noma as the star of the evening.

Spain, a must:  Spain has 3 restaurants in the Top 10 of the list: El Celler de Can Roca in the 2nd position, Mugartiz, number 3 and Arzak, who has gone up 1 since last year to the 8th position.

So if your holidays are not only about visiting Cathedrals, Museums and Parks but also about enjoying the food don’t forget to check the list, there are restaurants all around the world that are worth going to!

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