A weekend to Saffron’s celebration in Toledo


No idea what to do on the last weekend of October? You want to aerate your mind and enjoy a gastronomic and cultural moment in a magical place filled with history? I can assure you, you’re on the right blog!

  For this early fall weekend, we offer a celebration established in 1963, the Feast of the Rose Safran in Consuegra in Toledo province. This village, popularized by the famous hunter windmills, Don Quixote sees thousands of spectators gathering to celebrate the regional product.


The two main activities this weekend are “Molienda del Paz y del Amor” and the celebration of Safran. For the first, which starts in the early afternoon, requires participants to ride in the mountains where there are many mills baptized with names from the novel by Cervantes. Bags of wheat from all parts of Spain are then poured into the hopper by the Dulcinea of the year (prettiest girl in the region) to be traditionally milled. After this act is accomplished, every participant heads down to the village with their little bag of flour to attend the festivities.


The rest of the weekend is full of activities, folk festival, food festival of traditional cuisine of the region, contest of picking the rose of saffron, cultural activities and other sports.

So it’s a complete weekend in this beautiful region of Spain that awaits you. Do you have a better plan?

Book now your hotel in Toledo.

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Night in the museum


Next 9th of July in Dresden (Germany) museums and other touristic places will be open until 1 am. More than 40 museums in the city offer fantastic insights into the world of art, history and a lot more, as Dresden is a city of art and culture and not everyone can visit the by nigh!.

If you are planning to be around Dresden in July, next Saturday will be a very special day to visit one of the museums.  Whether you like paintings, porcelain or castles; or you are thinking about plants or animals, as the botanic gardens and the zoo will also be open late. There will be a shutter service extra activities, parties and guided tours.

Parties, tours or a quiet visit: you choose what, who and where… summer nights in the museums of Dresden.  Make a reservation for a hotel after the nigh on Hotelopia.com.

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Alpe d’Huez

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As summer approaches most of us will be looking forward to kicking it back on a nice quite beach, possibly  with the family, lazily sunning ourselves and letting the worries of real life wash away. If however this idea sounds utterly boring then Hotelopia will let you in on a little secret.

While the masses of Europe head for southern Spain, Italy and France we would like to take you to an action packed week in the French Alps. Many people are oblivious to the abundance of activates the Alps has to offer in summer, and if you know where to look you can find a whole host of outdoor activities ready and waiting under the summer sun.

Take the cycling Mecca of Alpe d’Huez for a prime example, in summer this skiing refuge transforms itself into an adventure sports heaven. The 21 hairpin bends leading up to this resort have led to some of the greatest moments in cycling’s history. If you feel up to the challenge hire a timer from the bottom of the mountain, get on your bike and see how your efforts fares against cycling’s best. If you prefer something a little more dirty, then you’ll be pleased to know the vast majority of ski lifts stay open in the summer months enabling you to throw your mountain bike onboard and head off to some of the Alps most challenging downhill runs.

Paragliding is another option if you have no fear of heights, and looking down on a summer alpine setting is a breathtaking and highly recommended activity.

If this all sounds a little too much then Alpe d’Huez still has something for you. The valley has 143 miles of beautiful, marked hiking trails and 12 lakes within walking distance from the resort, so you’re easily able to cool off after a hard day.

Just this one small mountain has so much to offer, so with a little time spent looking you are guaranteed to find an activity to your liking in the Alps. The mountains, meadows, lakes and scenery in this summer paradise deserve your time; and we can guarantee that once you’ve been you will forget all about that bucket and spade and be back for some more.

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Visiting Gibraltar


Gibraltar couldn’t have a better mixture, it is a vibrant destination that combines the spirit of the Mediterranean with British Tradition, an interesting place to visit if you happen to be arround.

The border between Spain and Gibraltar is defined by the Airport, so it has to be closed every time a plane needs to land. Once you are in it, you really feel in England, apart from the fact they drive in the right side of the road.

If you are planning to walk around this British territory of around 7 km2 here is what we recommend:

Shopping: Gibraltar shops are tax free, thanks to the tax free status Gibraltar enjoys. This is specially interesting in parfumes, watches and other high value objets. Don’t forget to take a look at the shops in the Main Street.

History: From a historical point of Gibraltar has been in the middle of many battles and several different countries have claimed it, each leaving a mark on the area, as well as remnants of their own occupation of Gibraltar. Do not miss the opportunity to talk to Gibraltarians, they are very helpful and will be delighted to tell you their impressions.

Nature: The Rock of Gibraltar can be accessed by taxi, buses or cable car, on the top you will have some amazing views of the sea, the Mediterranean to one side and the Atlantic Ocean to the other. On sunny days you will be able to see Africa, on the other side of the strait. The semi-wild Barbary Macaques form an integral part of the Rock, they interact with tourists, but you should be careful, they can bite! Moreover, you shouldn’t miss the spectacular St. Michel cave.

Nature, history and shopping a great blend topped up with excellent views, take a closer look…

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Across the Adriatic


Croatia is becoming a popular destination for holiday makers who are bored of the usual suspects Europe has to offer. Hotelopia agrees that this Adriatic country is definately worth a week or two of your time. With over 1,000 islands, its many spectacular national parks, mountains and vast natural lakes you really have no excuse and, if we’re honest, you’re a little spoilt for choice.

If you’re not too familiar with this beautiful part of Europe then let Hotelopia highly recommend beginning with the island chains that lie off the west coast. The beautiful island of Hvar is a perfect place to start.

With several ferries, catamarans and trimarans leaving the cities of Split, Dubrovnik and others on a regular basis you can soon find yourself hoping from plane to boat and on to the shores of Hvar.

Unusual in the Adriatic for its fertile land, Hvar is covered in natural springs, vineyards, olive groves, and fruit orchards.  Its hillsides are sheltered in pine forests and vast lavender fields, the smell of which on a late spring evening is enough to make you want to stay forever.

The island and its natural beauty are also steeped in history stretching back to 3,500BC. After becoming part of the Greek then Slavic civilisations, the Republic of Venice brought industry in the medieval periods seeing wine and oil production boom. The island also has the Venetians to thank for some of its most spectacular architecture still covering the island, especially in the capital Hvar Town and Stari Grad further to the north.

The capital Hvar town is littered with churches, homes and streets dating from the medieval period and after brisk a walk up to the castle perched high above the town, you deserve to take seat in one of Hvar’s fantastic sea food restaurants and sample the catch of the day.

A great way to see what the rest of the island has to offer, is by scooter. Enabling you to take your time as you work your way over the hills of lavender fields to the north and east of the island, stopping off at secluded beaches and old towns dotted along the coast. Beware however this island has the power to make you stay for longer than you planned and don’t forget the rest of Croatia is still waiting…

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TOLEDO, a day trip from Madrid


If spending more than a weekend in Madrid, Toledo is a must. Situated just half an hour from Madrid (by train), the country’s original ancient capital is overflowing with historical monuments, streets and culture. Surrounded by walls dating from the Roman occupation with Moorish and early Christian additions, Toledo is a deserved World Heritage Site.

After entering Toledo by one of its three impressive gates, one can walk their way through the labyrinth of medieval streets, taking in the Cathedral Primada Santa María, the Jewish Synagogue del Tránsito and the Islamic Mosque de Cristo de la Luz.

A trip to the top of Iglesia de los Jesuitas is an excellent way to observe your impressive surroundings, sometimes not obvious from the close patchwork of streets in the old town.

Visitors shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see El Greco’s masterpiece “El entierro del Conde Orgaz” in the Iglesia de Santo Tomé, which was conceived in Toledo. El Greco spent his adult life in Toledo perfecting his style, may be with inspiration stemming from his beautiful surrounding.

Spending the night in Toledo and walking its lantern lit streets is also a perfect way to experience Spain’s ancient capital and comes highly recommended.

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Morocco is a world apart from European holidays. However lying just to the south of Spain this new world is easily accessible and with a number of budget airlines beginning to fly to these exotic shores there has never been a better time to plan your trip.

If visiting Morocco, the ancient imperial city of Marrakech is a must! Lying at the foot of the stunning Atlas Mountains (also well worth a visit) this ancient city is full of wonderful bazaars where you may haggle for the most intricately hand crafted lanterns, wonderful infusions of spice and herbs and palm oil, a new hit in the kitchen.

Marrakech also boasts impressive palaces and tombs which, twinned with their stunning gradens, are said to embody ‘peace and tranquillity.’ Alternatively head to the old town or ‘medina’ where the bustling squares and bazaars will be filled with salesmen, fire eaters, jugglers and noisy souqs.

After a full day spend the night in a traditional Riad (Old Moroccan Guesthouse.) With their peaceful internal courtyards usually filled with fountains, flowing water and jasmine flowers you can’t help but relax and soak up your day.

However you chose to spend your time here it will most certainly be an assault on the senses like you have never before experienced! Hotelopia would love to introduce you to this part of the world and with our wonderful offers including a number of excellent Riad’s in the old town there has never been a better time to step in to the exotic.

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Glasgow: Scotland with Style


Glasgow MuseumGlasgow is the biggest city in Scotland, and the third one in the UK. There are many reasons why you should visit and we will give you some of them today:

First of all it is a city full of live: nights out are a must, concerts, musicals, exhibitions… there is always something going on for every taste!

Without a doubt shopping can be another reason, specially for girls. The best brands and companies around the world sell in what is known to be the largest and best retail centre in the UK outside of London.

Moreover you should not forget to visit one of its well-known tea rooms. We recommend The Willow Tea Rooms, good tea and good interior design in one place. There, you can also get a taste of the famous architect and designer Mackintosh who was a Glaswegian and one of the principal exponents of Art Nouveau.

If you want to go deeper into Mackintosh art as well as seeing some Dali paintings and other artists works you should also visit the Kelvingrove Museum, impressive building and a nice permanent exhibition.

A weekend in Glasgow is what you were looking for, a bit of everything and all in one! Book your hotel in Glasgow in Hotelopia.

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Thailand’s Most Famous Night Out


Any plan for next week? We have the perfect suggestion  for all you party lovers. Forget Ibiza and the Greek island, this month head on over to Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand. Here every month during the full moon you can take part in one of the world’s best parties.

Since the mid 80´s this small slice of paradise has steadily grown into one of the most famous nights out on the planet regularly attracting between 20,000-30,000 fun loving people

So this month we suggest heading to the Full Moon Party where the bars, clubs, music and beach stay open till sunrise.

What are you waiting for with luxurious and cheap accommodation draped across the sands come with Hotelopia to Thailand.

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If weather is good


What about a nice weekend in the south of England? It is not always necessary to go out of the country to discover somewhere beautiful, different, special and charming. Those words describe perfectly the essence of Dartmouth, a small town in the south of England that is famous for its castle and its colourful houses.

Dartmouth is a smart choice; a nice, tranquil and peaceful place to get out of the city’s traffic jams and stress. There are plenty of things to do: have a walk to the castle, or get the little boat that takes you there; or take the ferry to Kingswear, where you can see and get on a steam train. If the weather gets worst the Cherub Pub is the place to be. It is also worth knowing that it is Dartmouth’s oldest building.

Soon winter will be over (or at least it is something we are all looking for) so book your hotel in this wonderful little town and get out of your day to day routine!


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