A weekend to Saffron’s celebration in Toledo


No idea what to do on the last weekend of October? You want to aerate your mind and enjoy a gastronomic and cultural moment in a magical place filled with history? I can assure you, you’re on the right blog!

  For this early fall weekend, we offer a celebration established in 1963, the Feast of the Rose Safran in Consuegra in Toledo province. This village, popularized by the famous hunter windmills, Don Quixote sees thousands of spectators gathering to celebrate the regional product.


The two main activities this weekend are “Molienda del Paz y del Amor” and the celebration of Safran. For the first, which starts in the early afternoon, requires participants to ride in the mountains where there are many mills baptized with names from the novel by Cervantes. Bags of wheat from all parts of Spain are then poured into the hopper by the Dulcinea of the year (prettiest girl in the region) to be traditionally milled. After this act is accomplished, every participant heads down to the village with their little bag of flour to attend the festivities.


The rest of the weekend is full of activities, folk festival, food festival of traditional cuisine of the region, contest of picking the rose of saffron, cultural activities and other sports.

So it’s a complete weekend in this beautiful region of Spain that awaits you. Do you have a better plan?

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Minorca travel guide


Minorca, an emerald-blue and white island

With an extension of 702 km2, and 216 km of coastline that includes a total of 120 beaches, Minorca, is the most Eastern of the Balearic Islands, and is the first place in Spain to glimpse rays of sunlight.

If you are looking for nature in a pure state, then Minorca is what you are after. The island is mainly flat; its highest peak is Monte Toro with an altitude of 358 m.a.s.l. from which exceptional panoramic views over the island can be appreciated. You can discover the hidden coves on land or by sea. Minorca was declared as a Biosphere Reserve in 1993. Its coves and landscapes are highly unique, and in addition, its biodiversity makes it even more special.

Port of Maó is believed to be the second largest natural harbour in the world, with a length of 5 km. Ciutadella, located in western Minorca, is impregnated with history and in its streets you breathe a mixture of architectonic styles that have been inherited from past civilizations.

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Costa de la Luz travel guide


In Costa de la Luz you’ll find a little bit of everything, making it the ideal location for all types of holidays: with friends, with your partner, family or as you wish.

The beaches in this area are characterised as being extensive with very fine, white sand. The majority of them dispose of all the services that you could need: toilets, showers or the classic beach shack bar.

If you want to take a break from the beach, you can do the Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos (Route of the White Villages) or visit El Estrecho Natural Park.

The nightlife is superb, above all on long weekends and during holiday periods. There is a wide variety of places to go and areas with different atmospheres, so you can choose the one you like best. All in all, without a doubt you can spend a very complete holiday here and forget about your daily routine back home

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Valencia travel guide


When you talk about Valencia, most people will think of a coastal city in Spain that year after year hosts thousands of tourists, but Valencia is much more than that.
If you’re going to spend a few days in this city, you can’t miss out on visiting the old quarters, where the Cathedral, the fish market and the Central Market are found.

As far as the modern part of the city is concerned, the City of Arts and Sciences is a must, whether travelling with your partner, with family or friends.

And no doubt, a stroll along the famous beach Malvarrosa is a perfect choice at any time of the year, and don’t forget to stop off for a drink at one of the snack bars by the sea.

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Costa Blanca is for all ages


Due to its pleasant climate, Costa Blanca is a perfect destination to visit at any time of year. Many people choose to go there for a holiday or for a short break over a weekend or a long weekend.

Its beaches, traditional festivals and cultural visits are intended for all audiences, ranging from elderly people who can make the most of their spare time to families with children looking for a few days of continuous entertainment.

Don’t miss out on seeing the beaches, the cultural and gastronomic offer as well as the traditional festivals such as the San Juan bonfires in Alicante or the Moors and Christians festival, which is held in different locations.

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Berlin, the past and present all in the same city


One of the most impressive aspects of Berlin is the grandeur of its buildings, streets and squares: the Cathedral, the Gendarmenmarkt, the Brandenburg Gate or the square where the Reichstag is located are good examples of such grandeur.

Another detail that makes this city special is the mark of history that can be seen in its streets, its neighbourhoods, museums and even in its people.

If you want another reason to visit Berlin, we can’t forget about an air of festivity found in every corner. Berlin is a dynamic city constantly under change and, therefore, offers various alternatives to its visitors.

This is an ideal place to get away for a few days or to take full advantage of a long weekend, seeing the city from morning until late at night and enjoy the atmosphere in the streets and its friendly people.

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Amsterdam, Venice of the north


Amsterdam can be considered as one of the “small – big cities” to be visited at least once in your lifetime. You’ll be surprised by the thousands of bicycles that circulate the streets every day and the way that cars and trams move around harmoniously with them.

You’ll also be surprised by the large number of canals that run through the city giving it a special feeling, by the typical canal houses or by small houseboats. Furthermore, Amsterdam offers a wide range of cultural activities including many museums, theatres as well as emblematic squares and buildings.

This is an ideal place to get away for a few days or to take full advantage of a long weekend, seeing the city from morning until late at night and enjoy the atmosphere in the streets and its friendly people.

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Be charmed by Nice


When talking about Nice, the simple fact of being a city on the French Riviera is a good reason to find it appealing. We could say that the city is divided into two areas, clearly shown by the character of the buildings, streets, etc. The modern area of Nice is well known for its classic wide avenues, parks, gardens and pedestrian areas, together with the presence of the principal shops of the city, which makes it an attractive commercial area. On the other hand, the old area of the city has more charm, with attractive facades and fully refurbished buildings in an intricate balance with one another. Don’t forget to take a stroll down the impressive Maritime Promenade, which is known as Promenade des Anglais: here you can find the famous Hotel Negresco, which was built in 1912 and nowadays is the highlight of the city.

And, among other things, just let yourself appreciate the special light in Mediterranean cities, a clear reflection of the blue sea… no wonder the name was given to the French Riviera coast, Côte d’Azur (blue coast). In one word, Nice is a Mediterranean city with authentic charm.

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Costa Brava Travel Guide

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The coastline of Costa Brava is extensive, that is why seeing it all in a couple of days is not an easy thing to do. The best thing is to get to know it little by little, by stopping off at spots like Tossa de Mar while we travel around the south, a coastal town that keeps its original essence of a small fishing village. It is worth visiting some other localities like Blanes, Santa Susana, Calella and Pineda de Mar, and so on.

One more recommendation would be visiting the Medes Islands Natural Reserve, made up of seven islands, with access by boat from L’Estartit port. Here you can find amazing wildlife, both flora and fauna.

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Costa Daurada has a lot to say

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When talking about Costa Daurada, for many people its beaches are the first thing that come to mind and, of course, the famous theme park Port Aventura. And yes, it’s certainly true that spread along its coastline there are many beaches and small coves where you can enjoy being under the sun, or indulge in a pleasant swim and have a drink at one of the many beachside snack bars. Of course, during your stay you can’t miss out on visiting Port Aventura, where you can enjoy all day long with your family, partner or friends.

And we can’t forget about the rich gastronomy of this region with its delicious fish and rice specialities. Also scattered along the coast are small and charming fishing villages, which breathe with tradition. We recommend you to visit the Ebro Delta Natural Park, with many wildlife species (especially birds) and flora. Summing up, there’s no doubt that Costa Daurada offers a wide variety of options for you to choose between and have a great holiday.  Search your hotel in Hotelopia

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