London Zoo’s Penguins!


This is a great time to visit London Zoo. The largest penguin pool in the country has just been opened . Penguins look really happy in their new home, which is bigger and deeper, and where they can exhibit more their natural behaviour.

London Zoo was voted the Best Tourism Experience 2010 so you shouldn’t miss it next time around! Visit ZSL London Zoo for more information and Hotelopia  for the best  hotels in London !

Friday 27 May 2011 1:05 | Published by | Category: Animals,Hotelopia News,Interesting Stuff

Animals European Passport


Since 2004 pets can travel around the European Union as long as they have the European passport. This passport has to be filled in by a veterinary and it certifies the animal has the required vaccination to travel abroad (within the Union). With this new document it will be easier to check all the data about the animal and its owner.

Depending on the destination there are different requirements. The UK, Ireland, Finland and Sweden are stricter than the rest of countries, in which a blood test is not needed. It is necessary to know where you are travelling to before you ask for the passport to be expedited.

Do you want to know more? Check this link!

Monday 8 November 2010 18:54 | Published by | Category: Animals

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