The world’s greatest attractions, or what could have been…


All over the world, there are great attractions and resorts that have had millions invested into them, but have either failed to be completed or have failed to succeed. Here are a few examples:

Harmon Hotel, Las Vegas

Still not completed to date, with a cost of 120 million euros invested, construction of the 48-floored hotel was put on hold in 2008. Many errors were detected during construction at a structural level. In the case of an earthquake (expected to occur in the next 30 years in Las Vegas), the building would collapse.

The World Islands, Dubai

Following the success of Dubai Pal, the famous island shaped like a palm tree, they continued building more islands that represented the world from an aerial view. Some of the islands were sold in 2008 but due to the economic crisis, construction was ground to a halt. Some of the islands began to sink which led to many legal disputes with the state construction company belonging to the Emirates. The cost of the islands amounted to 19 billion euros.

Revel Casino, Atlantic City

This hotel was started in 2007 with an initial budget of 1,800 million euros but ran out of money in 2009. In the end, the company filed for bankruptcy and it has now been sold to a Canadian company hoping to complete the work.

Wonderland Amusement Park, Beijing

They wanted it to be the largest amusement park in China. However, 15 years later, they have finalized plans to demolish it. The incompletion of the park was caused by the corruption of Beijng’s mayor. When he was replaced, the new mayor decided not to continue with the park. The project had required an expenditure of 110 million euros.

Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea

A project of 500 million euros, started in 1987 under the regime of Kim Jong-Un’s grandfather. For many decades, it was known as the ‘destination hotel’. An Egyptian builder decided to continue the project and would manage Kempinski once it was finished, but it is still not finished and will probably be demolished. The hotel has a place in the Guinness Book of Records for being the tallest, unoccupied building in the world.

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Varadero, Cuba


Varadero is located on the peninsula of Hicacos in the Matanzas province, located about 140 km from Havana, 1,200 meters wide and more than 20 kilometers long.

Known for its sun and beach tourism, Varadero was born in the 1870s, growing significantly after the opening of international tourism, especially in the 80′s. The vast majority of hotels are 4* and 5* resorts for all-inclusive family holidays. The peninsula receives about 1 million visitors each year.

With crystal-clear water and fine white sands, the divine beaches that surround the hotels are, unsurprisingly, the main interest of holiday-makers. Many sports can be enjoyed along the coast such as diving, fishing and other water sports. We can find other attractions such as wildlife parks, caves and the towns of Matanzas and Cárdenas.

Josone Park is one of the most visited places, located in the center of Varadero. People love to come to these beautiful botanical gardens to see the abundance of birds, lakes, bridges and other wildlife. With a fantastic atmosphere and music, there are plenty of restaurants and activities like camel rides for children and target shooting.

Tropicana Matanzas is a cabaret, located about 20 minutes from Havana, smaller than the original in the capital. Offering up to 5 hours of open-air performances of up to 200 artists, a bar and a café, Tropicana Matanzas is one of three of this style in Cuba.

Las Cuevas de Miramar are one of the oldest attractions of Cuba, discovered in the mid-nineteenth century. Through the 23km of tunnels, there are 780 hectares of magnificent stalactites and stalagmites.

Cuba is the safest country in the Caribbean and Varadero in particular.  As it is an area strictly for tourists, it has limited access to locals. Just use common sense as you would elsewhere.

Things to be taken into account when wanting to visit Cuba are having a visa (at a cost of about 20€) and a passport that will be valid at least 6 months after visiting the country. With these documents, you can be in the country for up to 30 days.

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La Havana, Cuba


Havana is the capital of Cuba, an island located in the North East of the Caribbean in the Golf of Mexico. The city was founded by the Spanish conqueror Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar in 1519.

Cuba´s climate is tropical. It doesn’t reach extreme temperatures, but instead stays warm for the whole year. It rains a lot during the Summer but because of its location, the UV rays are high so it is recommendable to stay protected from the sun.

Old Havana is the historical centre of the city and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1982. The most notable places are La Plaza de Armas, where you will find the Presidential Palace that is now a museum and the Temple, the structure that has most influenced the architecture of Cuba. La Plaza Vieja (The Old Square), originally called Plaza Nueva (New Square) is another remarkable place to visit. It is a place of celebrations, processions and performances. Near the bay is the Fortress San Salvador and the Castle of Tres Reyes del Morro that guards the entrance to Havana Bay. The cathedral is located in the heart of Old Havana, known for its baroque style with two bell towers on either side.

Other areas of interest are the center of Havana, where you can find El Capitolio, a replica of the Washington Capitol but smaller, and the Tabacos Partagas factory, where cigars are manufactured and sold. Places also worth a visit include the National Museum of Fine Arts (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes) and The Museum of the Revolution (Museo de la Revolución). These are in the center of Havana. In Vedado, a central business district and urban neighbourhood of Havana, there are authentic palaces as well as the Plaza de la Revolution and José Martí Memorial, a monument that is 138.5 meters tall.

Things to be taken into account when wanting to visit Cuba are having a visa (at a cost of about 20€) and a passport that will be valid at least 6 months after visiting the country. With these documents, you can be in the country for up to 30 days. The electricity current in Cuba is 110 volts at 60 hertz but many hotels have a 220-volt current and adapters. Cuba has two currencies: the Cuban Peso (CUP) and the Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC), but since the arrival of Raul Castro in 2013, he has been merging the two currencies. The Cuban Convertible Peso is mainly what the tourists use but there is nothing preventing you from using Cuban Pesos. The current value of a Cuban Convertible Peso is approximately 62p. Despite being a very closed communist country, credit cards are also accepted at some establishments.

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Menorca, in harmony with nature


Whether on two legs or four, powered by two wheels, a paddle or simply letting the wind fill the sails – there are plenty of opportunities to get moving in Menorca. And it won’t be just the sport that takes your breath away: the island’s impressive backdrop does that too.

Explore the widely varying landscape. Plunge into the water. Share customs and traditions. Taste the cuisine. Discover a whole new range of experiences in this very special spot in the heart of the Mediterranean.  The transparency of the sea and the quality of the coastline is by far the island’s best natural element, with over 70 of the very best beaches on offer. Why wait? See it for yourself and check out our very best hotel offers in Menorca.

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City taxes in Rome


Rome, one of the most visited cities in Europe is increasing its tourist taxes (Contributo di Soggiorno) for an overnight stay in the city. The purpose of the fees is to improve the city’s tourism services.

When the tourist tax came in to effect in 2011, tourists paid between 1 and 3 euros per person/night, depending on the category of the establishment.

From the 1st of September, tourists visiting Rome must pay the following fees:

€3 per person/night in 1* and 2* hotels.

€4 per person/night in 3* hotels.

€6 per person/night in 4* hotels.

€7 per person/night in 5* hotels.

These amounts will be added to a maximum of 10 nights. Tourist taxes in Rome are paid when the customer leaves the hotel. They then receive a receipt of the fees.

Citizens of Rome and children under the age of 10 don’t need to pay these fees.

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Bali, Indonesia


Bali, also known as ‘The Island of the Gods’, is a province in Indonesia situated to the East of Java and its capital, Kuta, is situated in the south of the island. The population is 4,225 million and the main religions are Hinduism and Islam.

Due to the countless beautiful beaches and dense jungles, there is a wide range of diverse wildlife and corals. The tropical climate has an average annual temperature of 30 degrees with 85% humidity. The year is divided into the dry season, from April to September and the rain season from October to March.

The beaches in Bali are fantastic for swimming, surfing and sunbathing. The best time to head to the beach is the dry season, when the beaches are cleaner and less windy.

Kuta Beach, also known as Sunset Beach, is the most popular beach in Bali. It is a safe place to swim, sunbathe and surf, staying close to the city.

Dance is a big part of the island’s culture and there are numerous holidays and cultural events throughout the year.

01/01                     New Year’s Day

20-21/02              Idul Fitri Festival

21/03                     Isolation Day / Saba New Year

04/05                     Good Friday

28/04                     Idul Adha

16/05                     Day of the Ascension of Christ

19/05                     Hijriah

02/06                     Waisak

28/07                     Maulid

17/08                     National Independence Day

08/12                     Isra Miraj

25/12                     Christmas Day

To enter Bali you must have a valid passport with an expiration date of at least 6 months after the date of your visit and visa. For more information, you can access the Indonesian embassy.


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Manhattanhenge, a unique phenomenon.


If you are a lover of New York, you must know about the Manhattanhenge. For those of you that don’t know, you’re about to find out.

Continue Reading…

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The Atlantic Festival, Maderia


The Atlantic Festival runs every Saturday until 29 June, and is an important event that combines entertainment and culture.

This festival presents high-quality classical music at some of the region’s most emblematic venues, such as Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias, Casa das Mudas in Calheta and a number of churches.

The Festival has acquired even greater artistic importance with the introduction in recent years of the International Fireworks Competition, in which contestants organise firework displays to accompany the music every Saturday during the month of June. Take advantage of this opportunity to come and visit Madeira when it is in festive mood.

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